Should Lawyers Use Clubhouse?

Are You Tempted By Clubhouse and Other Bright, Shiny Social Media?

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Clubhouse is the next social media darling. It is social audio that promises to connect you with people and conversations at a much deeper level than you might find elsewhere. It is one of the fastest-growing apps in at least a century…okay, maybe not really a century because there weren’t apps then, right? At the time of this podcast recording, …

Should You Add Video or A Podcast To Your Blog

Should You Add Video Or A Podcast To Your Blog?

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You may be wondering if you should mix things up and swap out some of your blog posts with video, or maybe even a podcast. Quick Answer: Yes. This question was posed in a group I’m a part of by someone who said he was thinking about posting video on his firm’s blog now and then. If you like video, …

I’m Not Worthy To Put Myself Out There

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“I’m not good enough. “I don’t know enough.” “There are others who know more than I do about this.” “What if someone asks a question I can’t answer?” “I’m not a great writer.” “I don’t look good on camera.” “I cringe when I hear my voice.” Sound Familiar? Do any of those sound or feel familiar? I want you to …

Lawyers, This Is How To Find More Speaking Opportunities

Lawyers, This Is How To Find More Speaking Opportunities

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The people, companies, and institutions you want to do business with, as well as those who can play a part in helping you accomplish your goals, are your target audiences. They are an important part of the foundation of your marketing and business development plans. Speaking and presenting to your target audiences is important. It helps you gain exposure to …

Lawyers, How To Write Content People Want To Consume

Lawyers, How To Write Content People Want To Consume

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Lawyers, you write every day, but when it comes to writing content that people actually can and want to consume, writing for others can sometimes stop you in your tracks because you aren’t sure what to say and how to say it. That’s what I’m going to cover in this brief video and related post. If you would rather read, …

Lawyers, Should You Automate LinkedIn?

Lawyers, Should You Automate LinkedIn Activity?

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Occasionally, someone will ask me if they should use one of the automation services that help automatically find connections, send invitations, then engage in initial conversations on LinkedIn. These are not real conversations, but machines and bots that represent you. People are busy, so I understand why it might be tempting to automate activity on social media. I have strong …

Lawyers, In Addition To Being Smart, You Need These 4 Characteristics To Build A Successful Practice

Lawyers, In Addition To Being Smart, You Need These 4 Characteristics

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Today, we are going to talk about 4 important characteristics lawyers need to have to be successful. If you would like to listen to this in audio form, you can click on the green play button below or click here to listen to the podcast. If you are more of a reader, I have transcribed the podcast below the player. …

Zoom Tip #2 Head and Eye Placement On Video

[VIDEO TIP #2] Head and Eye Placement For Maximum Connection On Video

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Welcome back! This is Video Tip #2 that will address how to look better when you are on camera by understanding where to place your eyes and your head for maximum impact and connection with the audiences you are talking to when on video. If you haven’t seen Video Tip #1, you can find that right here. If we haven’t …

Do You Spend As Much Time On Your Clients As You Do On Your New Logo or Website?

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Sometimes we spend an enormous amount of time working on new logos, websites, and letterhead. We fret over: Whose name should go first on the letterhead? Which shade of blue is right? Should we use an ampersand or the word and? What are the right graphics for every page of our website? Should we build microsites? Should we have video …

Are Younger Lawyers Naturally Better At Social Media?

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Are digital natives, those who were born in an era when electronic devices were prevalent and in their hands from the moment they were old enough to hold them, better equipped in this current era of social and digital media? Let’s take a few minutes and discuss that because I can shed a little light on the differences between digital …