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    Twitter, might be in the midst of making a little change to your Favorite button.

    I wrote about a few other changes Twitter recently made that really irritated some people, but this latest one is pretty minor in my book.

    As you know, when you want to archive a Tweet for any reason, you can click Favorite, and it will be saved in, you guessed it, your Favorites list so you can go back at any time and see it. Others can view your Favorites also, a feature I wish would be made optional by user.

    A bit of Social Media feature convergence appears to be happening as Twitter is testing the replacement of the Favorite button with a star and the word “Like” as you can see here.

    Twitter Favorite Button Replaced by Like

    There are only a few people that have it today as it appears they are just testing it. If they decide they “like” it, I would imagine we will see it rolled out to everyone soon.

    Questions for you:

    1. How do you use your Favorite button?
    2. Will this make any difference to you?
    3. Will you Like it better this way?


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