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Myrland Marketing Moment for June 15, 2009:
Does it seem like everyone is cutting back on marketing? GREAT! Go take advantage of the silence!

We see it happening all around us. This economy, or rather the uncertainty that comes along with this economy, is causing all sorts of irregular marketing activity in firms and companies around the globe. I talked to a friend yesterday who said he had survived two rounds of cuts by his major employer, but he couldn’t be sure he would survive because even valuable “revenue generators” were let go in the last round of cuts.

There are countless stories about CMOs and other marketing personnel being let go because the business is not coming in the door. Cuts are being made to make up for that lost revenue. Cutbacks in marketing planning, and other client growth and retention tactics such as advertising, entertainment, public relations, seminars, print materials, networking of all kinds, social media, client satisfaction interviews, and countless other marketing activities are occurring in firms of all sizes. There is fear out there, and it’s causing many to make uninformed, non-strategic cost-cuts that could very well cause negative results in the long run.

I am sorry to see all of this happen, not because conducting client satisfaction interviews and helping clients plan and execute this strategy is how I make my living, but because cutting back on those practices that are targeted at growth and retention of your client base will accomplish no more than simply cutting costs, and will not contribute to the long-term health of your business.

My Myrland Marketing Moment today cuts to the chase about this reduction in activity and conversation taking place.
Does it seem like everyone is cutting back on marketing? GREAT! Go take advantage of the silence!

There has never been a better time to be heard and noticed than right now when others are cutting back on their marketing practices. One of the biggest complaints we have heard in recent years is that there’s too much “clutter,” too many messages that our clients are bombarded with every day. If we are experiencing a reduction in the amount of marketing our competitors are doing, why would we not take advantage of their silence?

Go out there and fill it! If you aren’t sure how to, just ask.

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