Lawyers, Does It Really Matter What Other Law Firms Do?

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If you truly want your practice or your law firm to grow, there is one question you’re going to have to stop asking and three questions you’re going to need to start asking.
I hear this one question regularly. It takes various forms, which I’ll discuss in a bit. It tends to come up every year right about this time because …

Lawyers, Are You Drowning In A Mosh Pit of Content?

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How many emails, conversations, texts, phone calls, newspapers, blog posts, podcasts, YouTube and Facebook videos, trade journals, Snaps, and other pieces of information do you receive on a daily basis?
I don’t know about you, but I can’t even count the number. I imagine it is in the thousands by the time I add up all of the messages I am …

Lawyers, Are Your Competitors Spying On You?

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I was just listening to Pat Flynn record an episode of his podcast, Let’s Ask Pat. He was recording it on Periscope, a livestreaming app, allowing his viewers to watch live while he conducts business. He was answering a question from someone who was curious what to do when her competition follows her content. Pat inspired me to answer that …

Lawyers, Are You Guilty of Committing Random Acts of Content?

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There is more to content marketing than meets the keyboard. Content marketing, which includes strategy, creation, and distribution, is part of carefully thought out marketing and business development strategy. You need to take the time to decide who all of your target audiences are, including all of the people, positions and roles within each targeted client organization, or you will …

C’mon! It’s Time To Put On Your Big Kid Pants Already!

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I know. I really do. 
You’re just too busy to do this marketing stuff. That’s why you have “people.” They do it for you, right? I understand.
Oh, you don’t have people and you don’t have time? Great, now it’s really not going to get done.
We Have A Problem
No, wait, you have a problem.
When did you grow up to the point that …


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My online friend, Bill Dorman, published a post today asking what we would change if we could turn back the clock to start in this world of Social Media today.
He writes often about the big kids of Social Media, those who are perceived to be important, the ones who are always tapped to speak at national and international conferences on …

Crisis Communication & Social Media: Even When It’s Not Your Crisis, It Could Be

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Times of tragedy seem to bring about the best, the worst and the oddest behavior.
The past few years have brought us some of the most powerful communication tools of our times. We thought we had mass communication down pat until social media came on the scene. We were humming along, very carefully plotting out messages that we would then place …

Myrland Marketing Moment: LinkedIn Skills’ Endorsements…Should You Reciprocate?

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Myrland Marketing Moments are short, direct, to-the-point Marketing words of advice that only take a “Moment” to read.
For more on LinkedIn Skills’ Endorsements, you might find these two posts informative:
LinkedIn Skills’ Endorsements: What’s Going On? and
LinkedIn Skills’ Endorsements – Part 2: Take Control of Your Skills

Nancy Myrland is a Marketing and Business Development Plan Consultant, and a Content, Social …


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It’s Not Easy Out There, Is It?
There are many demands on your time.

There are days when you are expected to do the work of 5 people.
You have an inbox that is intimidating at best.
You have research that was due yesterday.
You have a new client whose hand you want and need to hold.
You have a laptop that keeps crashing.
You have …


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When it comes to the Social Media landscape, one thing we know for sure is this:
It changes regularly, and will continue to do so.
There’s nothing we can do to stop the momentum, so hang on tight, and let’s enjoy the ride together, okay?
Alright, alright, you don’t have to enjoy the ride. I’ll enjoy it while you ride …