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Have you spent time thinking about what Social Media really are?
Here’s my definition:
“In their purest form, Social Media are those media, or methods of communication, that are virtual, and that offer the ability to interact and establish relationships by being ‘social’ with our intended audiences.”
Social Networking occurs within Social Media.
Let’s take a look at what Merriam-Webster has to say about …


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When it comes to the Social Media landscape, one thing we know for sure is this:
It changes regularly, and will continue to do so.
There’s nothing we can do to stop the momentum, so hang on tight, and let’s enjoy the ride together, okay?
Alright, alright, you don’t have to enjoy the ride. I’ll enjoy it while you ride …

Social Media: Change Is The Norm. Flexibility Is A Requirement.

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A week or so ago, my Social Media friend, attorney Brian Cuban, posted a link on his Facebook wall, leading to a Facebook story on where a journalist prognosticated about the Social Networking site, saying it will disappear in less than a decade.
The author shared that:
“Facebook’s success will be short lived, according to one Wall Street analyst, predicting the site will …

Twitter: Nice To Meet You Egg

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You signed up for this thing called Twitter a while back for one of a few reasons:

You weren’t quite sure what to do with it, but you knew you needed to reserve your name so it wouldn’t be taken when you were ready.
You were ready to reach out to others that you want to do business with.
You were ready to …


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I’ve been sharing my link to Google Plus invites this week, which prompted a visitor named Julie to ask if I had any tips on where she should start.
I figured that as long as I was sharing this with her, I might as well expand upon it and share it with you.
Here we go…
Where do I start on Google+? …

Social Media: No One Starts In The Middle

Social Media: No One Starts In The Middle

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Are there days when you feel as if you’re brand new to social media?
Do you sometimes feel like you’re not gaining any traction?
Do you wonder what’s wrong, and why you’re not experiencing the growth you thought you’d have by now?
Do you feel like no one is listening when you post because you don’t get much response, thus making you feel …


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Because Social Media and Social Networking revolve around connection to other people, which then leads to developing relationships, it’s important to monitor activity that is directly related to you.
I like to acknowledge the kindness so many people show when they respond to a question, take their valuable time to RT, which stands for ReTweet, or share, something I’ve written on Twitter …

The Best Social Network For Lawyers, or Anyone, Is…

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An interesting question was posed on a legal marketing forum of which I am a member.  The question had to do with a recommendation for the most effective online social network for lawyers.
I will share my answer with you here in case you are working through the same thought process.
This is an interesting and important question.  I’ve spent the past …

How To Draw Them In To Your Facebook Business Fan Page

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I’m a member of, and receive questions other members post on a regular basis. Tonight, “Tyler” asked how he could attract and engage Fans to his Facebook Fan page. My advice to him is my advice to you…..
“Tyler, keep at it. This, like other forms of marketing, takes a while. Use your Discussions Tab, then ask thought-provoking …