Twitter: Nice To Meet You Egg

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You signed up for this thing called Twitter a while back for one of a few reasons:

You weren’t quite sure what to do with it, but you knew you needed to reserve your name so it wouldn’t be taken when you were ready.
You were ready to reach out to others that you want to do business with.
You were ready to …

Social Media: No One Starts In The Middle

Social Media: No One Starts In The Middle

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Are there days when you feel as if you’re brand new to social media?
Do you sometimes feel like you’re not gaining any traction?
Do you wonder what’s wrong, and why you’re not experiencing the growth you thought you’d have by now?
Do you feel like no one is listening when you post because you don’t get much response, thus making you feel …


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As you probably know by now, Google launched its mammoth Social Networking site, Google+, 3 weeks ago.  In 3 weeks, they have accumulated approximately 20 million members, and they still haven’t opened it up to everyone yet.
In case you haven’t noticed, Google isn’t allowing business pages yet.  They made that clear after the 1st day, letting businesses know they …


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Today I read a post on Social Media Examiner about creating Social Media Content Strategy.  The author, Rich Brooks, made a comment that resonated with me.
“Unfortunately, few businesses actually have a strategy for their Facebook page, or for the rest of their social media activity. They tweet, blog and set up a Facebook business page out of fear of being left behind, rather than as …

Let’s Give ‘Em Something To Talk About

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Over the years, even starting when I was in sales right out of college, I’ve heard many versions of the following comment from my clients:
“My business relies completely on word of mouth.  I don’t need marketing.”
It’s hard to believe anyone still says that today, but, alas, they do.  I’ve heard it with my own two ears.  You say your business …


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I find human behavior and interaction fascinating.
Since I started studying Social Media a few  years back, I noticed something many of you have too.
Personalities can often become more obvious, exaggerated, out of control, polished, refined and sometimes bolder with these tools, or gifts, we have been given that allow us to voice our opinions publicly.
Many of us feel empowered because we’re …


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Because Social Media and Social Networking revolve around connection to other people, which then leads to developing relationships, it’s important to monitor activity that is directly related to you.
I like to acknowledge the kindness so many people show when they respond to a question, take their valuable time to RT, which stands for ReTweet, or share, something I’ve written on Twitter …


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The other day I read, and commented on, a post from Twitterville author Shel Israel, in which he was discussing his assertion that social media is now at the end of a period of great disruption, and is now entering a longer, quieter period of normalization.
The thoughts I shared on his blog, along with a few new additions, are these:
Business, as …

Don’t Be A Hit And Run!

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One of the marketing messages I use to communicate with my clients the Myrland Marketing Moment.  As the name implies, it is a very short marketing message that only takes a moment to read. I typically post these all across social media.
One Myrland Marketing Moment I shared the other day was:
“If you want to be successful in social media, don’t …


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A few moments ago, I was on my account on Facebook, and read a post written by Conrad Saam of Avvo.  Conrad is less than happy with marketing consultants he has observed lately that advise lawyers that lots of Followers are necessary to make Social Media efforts successful.  He also said the marketing consultants he has observed are also telling lawyers …