Should Lawyers Be Selling Their Services During This Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis?

Should Lawyers Be Selling Their Services During This Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis?

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I understand you’re scared. It’s a scary time for everyone.
Many firms and other businesses aren’t sure if enough revenue is going to be there in a week, a month, 6 months, or even in 12 months to keep the doors open. This kind of fear can cause irregular and sometimes irrational behavior.
Let’s discuss.
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Lawyers, To Build Your Practice, You Won’t Know Unless You Listen

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You’re excited, maybe even a little nervous. You finally have the opportunity to sit down and talk to that one person you want to get close to because you’d love to have him as a client. You know this person could be instrumental in helping you build your practice. You’ve waited for this opportunity for a long time…or maybe you’ve …


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We spend a lot of time talking about how close you need to stay to your clients. Our message is pretty consistent….
“You can’t let too much grass grow beneath your feet when it comes to talking to your clients.”

Letting them know how much you appreciate their business
Discussing what their goals are this year
Discussing the status of a project
Finding out what …

Lawyers: You’re Not The Only Thing On Your Clients’ Plates

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Do you regularly reach out to the people you want to do business with?
Why not?

Are you worried they won’t accept your advances?
Are you afraid of looking or acting silly?
Do you not want to be a bother because you know how busy they are?
Are you not sure what to say to them?

Just remember that when it comes to making an impression …


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Over on Facebook, my friend and colleague, Tim Corcoran, a senior executive with Hubbard One, posted a link to an MSNBC Technolog story about Google+, which stated there was a 60% drop in use after a 1200% surge in users after opening up to the public in mid-September.
Tim said:
“I joined G+ the first week, but haven’t spent more than 10 minutes there since.  90% of …


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Many cringe when the topic of selling, or sales, comes up.
When told we are in the position of selling every day of our lives, its enough to make tummies turn upside down, but it’s true.
Whether you are an attorney whose livelihood depends, either now or in the future, on having another human being spend money for your services, or you …


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Yesterday I was part of a discussion about how to market a new service a company was thinking about launching.  One of the participants commented:
“We have one chance to market this new service to our target audience.”
Those who know me know that comment got my wheels turning.  I then shared the following:
“I have a different perspective on that.  I think …

Sales Is Not A Dirty Word

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I’ve been working in legal, professional services, and other service-based marketing for a long time.
Nowhere is there a stigma against the term “selling” as strong as there is in legal and professional services.  It somehow feels dirty, slimy, something others do, but not me.
When I started my job as Director of Marketing for a law firm in 1997, it was …


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Someone from a well-known service provider left a voicemail message for me yesterday afternoon, telling me I had signed up for their webinar, and was not able to make it, so he was…
“…calling to follow up to see what your interest was as far as social media……”
To encourage discussion, I posted a comment about this on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, suggesting …

It’s Time To Teach Marketing & Sales In Law School

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Bentley Tolk, well-known lawyer and legal marketing expert, wrote an article on his blog last night titled Will Law School Ever Teach Marketing For Law Firms?
In his comments section, I shared my thoughts with Bentley that yes, marketing and sales/business development should definitely be taught, and that another legal marketer, Nancy Roberts Linder, has written and taught marketing in law schools.
Marketing …