United Airlines: Principle Over People & Profits…Was It Worth It?

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You have to think twice. No, you have to think more than twice. You have to think before, during and after a crisis to make sure your response is calm, measured, sympathetic, accurate, and correct.
Unless you’ve been stranded on a remote island for a few weeks, you are well aware of the incident on United Airlines that resulted in a …

Lawyers, What Are You Waiting For?

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The level of frustration among lawyers irritated because their cases and expertise aren’t being picked up by media is not decreasing. I continue to hear the same comments on a regular basis.
“This was a major case. Why didn’t anyone pick it up?”
“I’ve been doing this long enough that they should know to come to me for a comment on this …

It’s Official. You’re In Charge!

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It’s over.¬†You no longer have to wait for someone else to promote you. You’re officially in charge!
Remember the days when you hoped a member of the media would pick up your story, your accomplishments, your firm name, your pro bono work, or some other worthy piece of information that showed what a decent person you were, and what a strong …

Law Firms: When Making Announcements, Think Outside The Box

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A while back, Amazon’s release of the Kindle Fire provided an interesting case study for those of us who deal with communicating law firm news and announcements. There was an article on PR News that described¬†Amazon’s press release about the Kindle Fire. They spread the release out over 14 Tweets.
Each Tweet plugged a different aspect of the new Kindle Fire …


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You’re ready, right?
Everything’s under control, isn’t it?
You’re about to watch a firestorm of negative publicity hit because of something you didn’t even mean to do, but you aren’t worried, right?
It could be anything…

Your recent merger is falling apart at the seams, and blogs are swelling with excitement.
You just had your entire Intellectual Property Team leave for Big Firm LLP down …


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Gini Dietrich, CEO of Arment Dietrich, wrote a post this week, asking where Social belongs in an organization.
The topic came up for her recently when she guest-hosted a Wednesday night #bizforum discussion on Twitter.
One of the questions that came up during the hour-long discussion had to do with where Social Media marketing and communication should reside within an organization.
Some in …


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A while back, while reading David Meerman Scott’s blog post about all of the bad PR pitches he receives, one of his points struck me as very important, and one all of us who communicate, or teach others to communicate, need to remember.
I know this appears to be about PR professionals only, but stick with me as it applies to …