Social Media: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

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If one of the goals in your Marketing and Business Development Plan is to grow your practice, then it follows that you would then identify the strategies to accomplish that. Typically, it’s broken down like this: Goal: What I want or need to accomplish. Strategy: How I intend to accomplish it. Find And Be Found Two strategies to accomplish that …

Lawyers: Content, The Digital Breadcrumbs You Need To Spread

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In the legal profession, we tend to discuss Business Development a lot. It’s important. It is, in its simplest terms, the process of developing new business, including the many steps that must be taken to attract the interest of potential clients, nurturing the interest they might have in us, developing a relationship with them along the way, finding ways to …

Lawyers, You Have To Share Your Knowledge

Lawyers, Stop Hiding. You Have To Market Your Marketing.

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I have worked with lawyers since 1997. Many of you are pretty conservative when it comes to marketing. Part of this originates with the fact that lawyer advertising, as you know, wasn’t technically allowed before 1977. While The Rest of the World Was Advertising When the rest of the world was cutting its advertising teeth decades prior to that, Wikipedia …

Social Media Manners: Are You Talking To Me?!

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HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU AT AN EVENT? Have you ever been at an event, talking to someone who keeps looking over your shoulder while you’re talking, wondering who’s coming in the room next, who they must see, who might be more important than you? Me, too. How does that makes you feel? That you’re less important? As if …

Lawyers, Are You Treating Your Practice Like A Business?

Lawyers, Are You Treating Your Practice Like A Business?

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I understand.  You’re just too busy to do this marketing stuff. You have “people” who do that for you, right?  Oh, wait, you don’t have people and you don’t have time? Great, now it’s really not going to get done. We Have A Problem (Tough Love Alert) No, wait. You have a problem. I can help you through this problem, …

Goals, Bright Shiny Objects or Competitors?

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Let’s face it. Many of us are easily distracted by the next bright, shiny object that is flashed before our faces that holds promise for our practice. We see a new networking event that promises to expose us to 100 General Counsel all at once! We are presented with an opportunity to put our name in the new Mega Lawyers …

Lawyers, How To Beat Your Competitors In The Content Creation Game

Lawyers: How To Beat Your Competition In The Content Sharing Game

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The Conundrum A question was recently posted on one of the legal marketing forums I belong to, asking how lawyers can shorten the time between deciding they want to post timely content in response to something going on in the world and the seemingly endless need for wordsmithing and committee approval of every word that goes out the door. Does …

Lawyers, Content Marketing Is Your Digital Handshake

Lawyers: Content Marketing Is Your Digital Handshake

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Remember When? Remember the old days when advertising a product or service used to be the only way you could be certain your message was being communicated properly? I helped buy tens of thousands of dollars of TV, radio, and billboards every month when I was with Time Warner because it made the phones ring. That, along with our door-to-door …

Without Building Relationships, This Is All A Waste.

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BUILD RELATIONSHIPS, NOT THINGS. As part of a discussion taking place in a private Facebook group I’m in for members of a course taught by Carrie Wilkerson and Paul Evans, a co-member expressed her appreciation to Paul and Carrie for the reminder they gave in their materials that what everyone should be focusing on is building relationships not things. Paul …

Lawyers: Are LinkedIn Skills Endorsements & Recommendations Unethical?

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This past Monday, I had the pleasure of being the passenger on an 11-hour drive back to Indianapolis from our vacation to Virginia and South Carolina. When I could get a signal [Sprint, you really need to up your game in the South], I caught up on some reading. One click led to another, and I found myself on the …