Ladies & Gentlemen, Welcome To Broadcast, I Mean Social, Media {{SIGH}}

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I’ve been around long enough to have witnessed the beauty of advertising on broadcast media when broadcast media was all we had.
I cut my teeth in a heavily promotional environment at Time Warner Cable, where I spent nearly 10 years in marketing management, where we used existing tools such as radio, TV, direct mail, telemarketing, door-to-door sales, outdoor (billboard), special …


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Today I saw an interesting discussion fly by on Twitter. ┬áSocial Media Consultant Adrian Dayton and Law Practice Management Consultant Ron Friedmann were discussing Adrian’s recent article on titled Which Law Firm Owns The Most Digital Real Estate.
In his post, Adrian wrote about BigLaw being behind in the creation of digital real estate via blogs compared to smaller firms.
As …


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Think of something you’re really good at, such as golf, public speaking, court reporting, environmental law, you name it.
Isn’t it a great feeling to know you were born with, or developed, these skills?
Isn’t there sometimes a rush of excitement when you perform those tasks, hit more great shots than bad ones, finish a presentation that seemed to resonate …