#LMA17: Conference Networking Tips From Our Friends

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We all have our reasons for attending Legal Marketing Association conferences. It might be to learn. It might be to meet like-minded people. It might be to network. It might be to discover new tools, services, or products we can take back to our firms. It might be to reignite the creative genius we have hiding inside that desperately needs …

Lawyers: Content, The Digital Breadcrumbs You Need To Spread

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In the legal profession, we tend to discuss Business Development a lot. It’s important.
It is, in its simplest terms, the process of developing new business, including the many steps that must be taken to attract the interest of potential clients, nurturing the interest they might have in us, developing a relationship with them along the way, finding ways to help …

Lawyers: Are LinkedIn Skills Endorsements & Recommendations Unethical?

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This past Monday, I had the pleasure of being the passenger on an 11-hour drive back to Indianapolis from our vacation to Virginia and South Carolina. When I could get a signal [Sprint, you really need to up your game in the South], I caught up on some reading.
One click led to another, and I found myself on the ABA …

Keep In Mind: What Goes On In Vegas Ends Up In Social Media! #LMA13

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On behalf of my 4 wonderful Co-Leaders of the LMA, Legal Marketing Association, Social Media SIG, I have gathered a few of our thoughts about using Social Media at the #LMA13 conference, or any conference.
We know our members are very smart, social media-savvy professionals, but we thought we’d send along a few reminders just in case you need to share …


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Yesterday, one of my legal marketing colleagues, Kevin O’Keefe, owner of LexBlog, wrote about Sree Sreenivasan, pronounced “sree sree-knee-VAH-sun,” a Professor at Columbia University, who is also the school’s first Chief Digital Officer.
Sree conducted a three-hour live (yes, live, I know…gasp!) advanced workshop for journalists, bloggers and media professionals in Seattle last week. Kevin and several of his LexBlog team members …


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In firms everywhere, there are Tums being consumed in mass quantities because attorneys, business development personnel and marketers are nervously preparing for client sales pitches. There are thousands, and sometimes millions, of dollars at stake.
We hope we’ll be successful…

If only we say just the right thing
If only we give them the best brochure we have
If only we re-write our bio …


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You’re ready, right?
Everything’s under control, isn’t it?
You’re about to watch a firestorm of negative publicity hit because of something you didn’t even mean to do, but you aren’t worried, right?
It could be anything…

Your recent merger is falling apart at the seams, and blogs are swelling with excitement.
You just had your entire Intellectual Property Team leave for Big Firm LLP down …

A Message To Law Firm Management: Put Me In Coach. I’m Ready To Play.

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I remember meeting and having a lovely conversation with a Marketing Partner who attended the Legal Marketing Association annual conference in Denver a few years ago. He attended with his senior marketer, a very good friend of mine for many years.  I’ll call my friend Mark because, well, that is his name.
What Are The Biggest Challenges For Legal Marketers?
I was …


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Stick with me.  This makes sense.  I promise!
First, let’s look at what happens when we decide to get fit.
If we are serious:

We decide fad diets, and yo-yo, up-and-down behavior aren’t getting us anywhere.  In fact, they might be making us unfit.
We might decide there’s something that just ISN’T happening, but we know it needs to.
We might decide there’s something …


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Last week I was fortunate enough to take part in the third, and final, Social Media webinar in a series sponsored by ILN, or the International Lawyers Network, for its members around the world.
They’ve hosted these series for the past two years, which have been well-received by members, so I was pleased to be asked by ILN Director of Network …