Lawyers Here's How To Answer This Uncomfortable Client Question

Lawyers, Here’s How To Answer This Uncomfortable Client Question

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“Why should I choose you over someone else?” If you haven’t already, one of these days, you might find yourself in the position of having someone whose business you’re trying to earn look at you and ask you this question. They may be asking that question genuinely. They may just be testing you to see how you answer it. How …

Lawyers, Before You Host A Webinar or Event, Do This First

Lawyers, Here Is A Webinar and Virtual Event Checklist For You To Follow

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You’re finally on-board, interested, and maybe even a little excited about hosting a webinar or other online event. Intuitively, and maybe even competitively, you know you need to be “out there.” You’re ready! Well, before you take one more step, there’s something you need to do first or your event could be a flop. Let’s discuss. Listen, Then Download The …

How Soon Should You Contact A Potential Client

Lawyers, How Soon Should You Contact A Potential Client?

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I have been the recipient of a few practices that I think border on professional stalking, and you probably have, too. The last thing that I want for you is to be perceived as though you are overstepping or professionally stalking your potential clients, so I want you to learn from my experience. I recently attended a wonderful webinar hosted …

I’m Not Worthy To Put Myself Out There

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“I’m not good enough. “I don’t know enough.” “There are others who know more than I do about this.” “What if someone asks a question I can’t answer?” “I’m not a great writer.” “I don’t look good on camera.” “I cringe when I hear my voice.” Sound Familiar? Do any of those sound or feel familiar? I want you to …

Lawyers, How To Write Content People Want To Consume

Lawyers, How To Write Content People Want To Consume

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Lawyers, you write every day, but when it comes to writing content that people actually can and want to consume, writing for others can sometimes stop you in your tracks because you aren’t sure what to say and how to say it. That’s what I’m going to cover in this brief video and related post. If you would rather read, …

Are Lawyers Creating Coronavirus Content The Wrong Way?

Are Lawyers Creating Coronavirus Content The Wrong Way?

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There has been an amazing increase in the amount and types of Coronavirus content being created by lawyers and law firms, as well as the rest of the world. There has also been an increase in the number of people who will freely tell the world you are doing it wrong. In this unprecedented time we are living in, many …

Should Lawyers Be Selling Their Services During This Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis?

Should Lawyers Be Selling Their Services During This Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis?

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I understand you’re scared. It’s a scary time for everyone. Many firms and other businesses aren’t sure if enough revenue is going to be there in a week, a month, 6 months, or even in 12 months to keep the doors open. This kind of fear can cause irregular and sometimes irrational behavior. Let’s discuss. Prefer To Listen Instead of …

Coronavirus COVID-19 and Law Firms

How Will The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact Your Law Firm?

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As the COVID-19 Virus begins to impact law firms and the legal profession, you might be wondering what to do next. Lawyers From Two New York Law Firms Have Tested Positive For COVID-19 As of Sunday night, March 8, there have been reports of lawyers at two firms who have tested positive for the Coronavirus, COVID-19. First, Lawrence Garbuz, partner …

Are Younger Lawyers Naturally Better At Social Media?

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Are digital natives, those who were born in an era when electronic devices were prevalent and in their hands from the moment they were old enough to hold them, better equipped in this current era of social and digital media? Let’s take a few minutes and discuss that because I can shed a little light on the differences between digital …