Two Pieces of Advice For Law School Graduates

Two Pieces of Advice For Law School Graduates

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Congratulations, graduates! Finishing law school is no small accomplishment. I know I don’t need to tell you that as you’ve lived it daily. Your Incredible Opportunity You are about to enter an amazing part of your lives where you get to put all of your knowledge, drive, personality, and dreams together to help others while making a living doing it. …

It’s Time To Teach Marketing & Sales In Law School

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Bentley Tolk, well-known lawyer and legal marketing expert, wrote an article on his blog last night titled¬†Will Law School Ever Teach Marketing For Law Firms? In his comments section, I shared my thoughts with Bentley that yes, marketing and sales/business development should definitely be taught, and that another legal marketer, Nancy Roberts Linder, has written and taught marketing in law …