Lawyers, Stop Worrying About The Guy In The Third Row

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I listened to a video interview with Seth Godin where he talked about a conversation he had with one of his longtime mentors, the great Zig Ziglar, before Zig passed away. Seth told a story about how Zig made an impact on how he views giving presentations. I think we can all learn from his words.
Seth and Zig were both scheduled …

Lawyers, Is Social Media Worth It? You Decide.

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I’ve heard these comments, or ones similar to them, many times in the past several years.
“I’m not sure this is all worth it….this Social Media thing.”
“I tried LinkedIn, but it didn’t produce anything for me.”
“I can’t see how Twitter could possibly result in anything positive.”
“Why would I want to spend time on Facebook?”
“I have no desire to sit in front …

LinkedIn Profiles Can Be Very Boring

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Let’s face it. LinkedIn profiles are extremely important because they are what people see when they check out your qualifications, your experience, the updates you’ve posted, where you went to school, and so much more. The problem is they can be very dry and boring.
Remember that you only have a few seconds to catch a visitor’s attention before they decide …

Content Marketing: Can It Be Done In Your Spare Time?

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There’s a lot of talk these days about Content, Content Marketing and Content Strategy, isn’t there? You’re busy, so it’s easy to ignore the formality of it. You write what you can, when you can, about what you know.
Isn’t it enough that you are squirreling away enough time now and then to produce something …

LinkedIn Announces New Showcase Pages: Great For Law Firms

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Yesterday, LinkedIn announced the addition of “Showcase Pages,” which are subsets of Company Pages. Read on as I discuss how this has great utility for law firms.
What Are Showcase Pages? 
LinkedIn tells us that:
“Showcase Pages are dedicated pages that allow companies to highlight different aspects of their business and build relationships with the right community. Whether it’s a brand, a business …

Content Isn’t King. It’s Emperor Of The Universe.

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Yesterday, I attended a webinar called “Beers, Blogs and Brands: A Comprehensive Approach To Law Firm Marketing,” sponsored by My Case, provider of web-based legal practice management software.
Sam Glover, lawyer, blogger and founder of Lawyerist, the law practice blog, was the guest presenter, and covered a lot of territory in an hour.
Sam broke his presentation down into these categories:

Brand vs. Reputation
The …

Keep In Mind: What Goes On In Vegas Ends Up In Social Media! #LMA13

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On behalf of my 4 wonderful Co-Leaders of the LMA, Legal Marketing Association, Social Media SIG, I have gathered a few of our thoughts about using Social Media at the #LMA13 conference, or any conference.
We know our members are very smart, social media-savvy professionals, but we thought we’d send along a few reminders just in case you need to share …

Wait For It…Wait For It…Okay, Now!

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I Have A Question For You
Do you ever get interrupted?
I’ll wait while you answer….
Wow, that was a resounding response from all of you!
I know, me too.
Another Question For You
Do you ever interrupt?
You don’t have to answer that. I’ll fall on the sword for all of us on this one. Yes, even though I try hard not to, I have …


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I’m in the midst of researching and gathering posts that deal with predictions for 2013 in all areas of marketing and communication. As you might guess, the ones that are written about the most have to do with digital and social media.
I’ll curate and publish this ever-growing list of predictions for you in the days to come, but today we …


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It looks like our favorite…
breaking news
140-character message
Social Networking site
…Twitter, might be in the midst of making a little change to your Favorite button.
I wrote about a few other changes Twitter recently made that really irritated some people, but this latest one is pretty minor in my book.
As you know, when you want to archive a Tweet for any reason, you …