Lawyers, Don't Wait For Anyone To Give You Permission To Share Your Knowledge in Social Media

Lawyers, You Don’t Need Permission From The Mayor Of The Internet

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Does it ever feel like there are two different versions of you that show up on any given day? One of you is confident. You know your topic. You know your practice area inside and out because you talk about it every day. You are confident that you know how to talk to your clients and potential clients about what …

Lawyers, Are You Drowning In A Mosh Pit of Content?

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How many emails, conversations, texts, phone calls, newspapers, blog posts, podcasts, YouTube and Facebook videos, trade journals, Snaps, and other pieces of information do you receive on a daily basis? I don’t know about you, but I can’t even count the number. I imagine it is in the thousands by the time I add up all of the messages I …