Lawyers, Here’s One Skill You Need To Have

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Imagine if all of your clients said: “Thank heavens that problem has been taken care of. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders.”
Even better, imagine they also said this: “I had an amazing experience working with him. He understood exactly what I was feeling, what was tearing me up inside, and what the ramifications …

Lawyers: One Of The Most Important Questions You Can Ask Your Clients

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I was just reading an email from WordPress expert Chris Lema about his recent search for a new job. He was discussing what made him choose one employer over another. Something he said stuck with me because it could help you as you begin working with your clients.
Chris shared:
“Karim’s [Chris’s new employer] focus, however, wasn’t on title or salary. His …


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Do you tell your doctor everything?
Truthfully, do you tell her every little detail of your personal habits…you know, those that could have an impact on your health?
After all, we tell our doctors everything, right?
They’ve heard it all before, so they won’t be shocked.
Hmm…I didn’t think so.

Could it be because you don’t like looking like a failure?
Could it be that you …