Social Media Manners: Are You Talking To Me?!

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HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU AT AN EVENT? Have you ever been at an event, talking to someone who keeps looking over your shoulder while you’re talking, wondering who’s coming in the room next, who they must see, who might be more important than you? Me, too. How does that makes you feel? That you’re less important? As if …


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Myrland Marketing Moment: Blog posts don’t always have to be keynote-worthy. Sometimes short is better!   Related articles Should Social Media Be in the Hands of Interns? ( Social Media: No One Starts in the Middle ( Social Media: Who Should Lead the Charge? (

2 Truths About Social Media – Part One

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A discussion that is taking place with increasing frequency revolves around how to integrate Social Media into our existing business practices. Two points I always include in my Marketing and Social Media presentations are: Social Media Must Be Integrated The Effects of Social Media are Cumulative We will deal with #2 in the next post, but today let’s talk about …

Please Don’t Tape My Mouth Shut

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Lately I’ve run into a few blogs and Facebook Pages that don’t allow visitors to comment. This isn’t typically an accident as it can only be done by deliberately going into one’s settings and choosing this feature. From a marketing, customer service, leadership, product and service development, and human perspective, I don’t think this is a wise business decision. Why? …


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This morning my friend Gini Dietrich, CEO of Arment Dietrich, shared a blog post from Communications Consultant Jon Buscall titled What If Your CEO Doesn’t Get Social Media. In his blog, Jon tells the story about a senior manager at a Swedish company who has unsuccessfully tried to bring his CEO in to the 21st century by introducing the concept of Social Media. …


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I’m a member of a group on LinkedIn called Social Media Marketing. In that group, someone started a discussion by asking a very basic Twitter question, and even stating he felt dumb to ask such a question. I wrote an answer to him, and thought I might as well share it with you too! Important Note: Please keep in mind …