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Early Adopter of Social & Digital Media

In 2008, I discovered my interest in social media and the place it can hold within a strategic marketing and business development plan. Having spent the past 20+ years in sales and marketing, I have been able to study and discover how lawyers can use social and digital media to strengthen their reputations and their relationships with their clients in order to retain and grow their business.

In 2009, as part of my process of study and immersion, I embarked upon a social media certification process with ISMA, the International Social Media Association, owned at that time by one of the world’s foremost social media experts, Mari Smith.

I realized that to become as informed and intelligent as possible for my clients, I owed it to them to study and get to know social and digital media at high levels that would ultimately benefit their needs and goals. During this certification process, we spent time immersing ourselves in all of the major social networking sites that were available to us at that time. Since that time, I have continued to spend as much time as possible in the study and strategy of social and digital media and how it can and should be used in marketing an business development.

I believe lawyers benefit from spending time learning and using the tools that make sense for their situation, and to then use these wonLaw Firms Should Stay Up-To-Date on Social and Digital Media With Nancy Myrlandderful communication tools to enhance business development, client service, and marketing.

A list of my services can be found here.

I consult with, train, coach, and advise firms on their social media strategy and plans, and help them integrate these tools into their current marketing efforts.  I am available to keynote conferences, speak at firm retreats, train groups, and conduct physical or virtual one-on-one training and coaching based on the individual needs of the firm, attorneys, legal marketers, and all business professionals within the firm.

I also offer an online course, LinkedIn Course For Lawyers, for those lawyers who would like to work methodically through their LinkedIn Profile and Presence in order to build the reputation and relationships that have an impact on their practice. Lessons are short and geared toward those who want to work for a few minutes here and there to make major progress in building their practices.

I customize my training to your firm and work with you in advance to get a feel for where you have been, where you think you might be with social media, where you would like to go, and I then advise you on the strategy and content needed to help you accomplish your goals.

I am passionate about marketing, business development, content, social and digital media and how all of this fits together to help you grow your firm and practice. I look forward to working with you and your firm to help you understand and strategically use Social Media to make the most effective use of your time.

I can be contacted to discuss your project at [email protected] or by using the contact information here.

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