Lawyers, This Is How To Find More Speaking Opportunities

Lawyers, This Is How To Find More Speaking Opportunities

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The people, companies, and institutions you want to do business with, as well as those who can play a part in helping you accomplish your goals, are your target audiences. They are an important part of the foundation of your marketing and business development plans. Speaking and presenting to your target audiences is important. It helps you gain exposure to …

Lawyers, Should You Automate LinkedIn?

Lawyers, Should You Automate LinkedIn Activity?

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Occasionally, someone will ask me if they should use one of the automation services that help automatically find connections, send invitations, then engage in initial conversations on LinkedIn. These are not real conversations, but machines and bots that represent you. People are busy, so I understand why it might be tempting to automate activity on social media. I have strong …

Lawyers, In Addition To Being Smart, You Need These 4 Characteristics To Build A Successful Practice

Lawyers, In Addition To Being Smart, You Need These 4 Characteristics

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Today, we are going to talk about 4 important characteristics lawyers need to have to be successful. If you would like to listen to this in audio form, you can click on the green play button below or click here to listen to the podcast. If you are more of a reader, I have transcribed the podcast below the player. …

Coronavirus How Should Attorneys Use Social Media During This COVID-19 Crisis?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Communication: How Should Attorneys and Staff Use Social Media During This Crisis?

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What you post on social media is public. Even when you set your post to private, there is no guarantee of privacy (hello screenshots). A question came up today that revolved around how to communicate caution to attorneys and staff about how they use social media during this time. There Is No Blueprint. Let’s Design One. I get it. Emotions and …

Are Younger Lawyers Naturally Better At Social Media?

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Are digital natives, those who were born in an era when electronic devices were prevalent and in their hands from the moment they were old enough to hold them, better equipped in this current era of social and digital media? Let’s take a few minutes and discuss that because I can shed a little light on the differences between digital …

The 3 Main Reasons Lawyers Should Use LinkedIn

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How many times have you gone to an event, maybe a conference or a business after hours, or even just a social event with friends, and a new acquaintance sends you an invitation to connect on LinkedIn? You might have seen the notice in a LinkedIn email or on the app itself. Maybe you collected that person’s business card. I …

From Michael Avenatti To Frank Aquila: Control Yourself On Social Media

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We have issues with behavior on the Internet, and on social media specifically. Some people just don’t think before posting, or they don’t care and they go for it, not thinking about the ramifications. 3 recent instances brought this to mind for me. Is It Okay To Publicly Call People Out on Social Media? The 1st was in a group …

Lawyers, Protect Client Confidentiality When Using Social Media

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I hear this concern often. Lawyers, legal marketing professionals, and others in law firms tell me that lawyers remain very concerned about how to stay out of trouble when posting in social media. They don’t want to jeopardize client relationships. I Don’t Want To Get In Trouble When conducting social media training, a common concern I run across has to …

You Damage More Than Your Own Personal Brand With Bad Online Behavior

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Fresh off of a webinar I co-hosted for the Legal Marketing Association last week titled “Personal Branding In The Age of Social & Digital Media,” where Clayton Dodds and I scratched the surface of how to define your personal brand, I was disappointed when the story broke about Sullivan & Cromwell’s high-profile partner, Francis “Frank” Aquila, who chose to lash …

Survey Says: Lawyers, Your Social and Digital Content Needs To Improve 

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Congratulations to Greentarget and Zeughauser Group for the release of The 2018 State of Digital and Content Marketing Survey, a refresh on their survey that serves to inform lawyers and legal marketers about the behaviors of in-house legal departments when it comes to their consumption of social, digital, and content marketing. I like and respect this survey and always reference it when …