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Yesterday’s Myrland Marketing Moment, which is my 120ish-character marketing suggestion I send out on all forms of Social Media, was this:

Myrland Marketing Moment: We strive for clients to know, like & trust us.  Do we let clients know how we feel about them?

I’ve been in legal and professional services marketing for a long time, and one of the goals has always been the same.  Do what we need to do as professionals so that our clients will come to know, like and trust us.  They want to have these feelings about those who provide such sensitive, intelligent, sometimes life-altering services for them.  So we do what we can to help them feel this way.

But let’s stop and think a moment.  It’s not always just about us.  It really is all about them, and a little bit about us, isn’t it?  Let’s not stop doing what we need to do to help our clients feel good about us, but let’s take even more time to make sure we not only feel good about our clients, but we tell them how we feel about them.

Is this a necessity to doing business?  Well, it might not be a deal breaker in some cases, but it is most certainly a relationship-enhancer in just about every case.  Imagine if I interviewed every one of your clients, and found these responses…..

Does your attorney know you?

“Absolutely!  He took the time when we met to learn as much as possible about my situation, my family, what was troubling me, what fears I had, what my company’s goals are, our history, what had been happening the past 5 years, what my expectations of our relationship would be, and countless questions about our business, our industry and our employees.  Then, once a quarter, he comes out, doesn’t charge me, can you believe that, and makes sure he’s updated on all of those things. Yes, he knows me!”

Does your attorney like you?

“Yes, she does.  Just the other day, I got an email from her, letting me know that as her week was starting, she wanted me to know how much she likes working with me, how much she appreciates the work we do together, and how much she values what we’ve been able to accomplish.  I get handwritten notes from her every now and then, thanking me for mentioning her to a colleague in my industry.  Listen to this: Every holiday, she calls and leaves a message, saying how much she likes working with me, and wishes me a Happy Holiday.  Who does that?  Not many others, I guarantee  you!”

Does he trust you?

“Yes, it seems so.  I guess I’d have to call this trust.  He trusts me enough to share information with me along the way, even if our case isn’t moving along very fast, or with the results I’d like.  He trusts me enough to share what’s going on at his firm, when there’s someone new in the practice he’d like me to meet, or if there’s a big announcement coming up at his firm that he wants me to know about first, before it goes public.  Yes, I’d have to say he trusts me.”

So, yes, definitely, work with passion to be known, liked and trusted by your clients because that can be the glue to your long-term relationship.  But let’s think about it for a minute.  It works both ways.  When you make sure your clients know how you feel about them, and that you know, like and trust them, doesn’t that breed those feelings in them for you?

When is the last time you let your clients know how you feel about them?  I don’t care if it’s too touchy-feely.  Trust me, clients don’t mind it when you show kindness and honesty about your relationship.  Just start with one, today, and  find out how easy it is, and how good it feels.  Just email or call one client and let him/her know how much you like working together, and that you value the work you do together.  Just one….

Come back here when you have a moment, and let me know how it goes.