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Social Media - Lessons to Learn
Are you like me?

When someone reaches out, and does something completely unsolicited and kind for me, I am often humbled, and always grateful, that they took the time to show that kindness.

I’d love to go in to detail, and recognize those acts of kindness, but I know I would forget someone, which would make me feel terrible. Instead, I’ll just share a few thoughts and lessons that these people have inspired:

  1. When someone pops in to your mind, for whatever reason, write, call or email them to let them know. Check on them to make sure they’re okay. You know…reach out.
  2. When you meet someone who is just starting out, or who is relatively new in their career, take time to talk to them.  Ask them about their business.  Listen to their story.  Introduce them to one or two people that might be interesting.  In other words…bring them along.
  3. Mention someone whom you admire to others on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or your blog with no motive other than to introduce them to your world. Bring them along.
  4. Write or schedule a note in your calendar to check on someone who is going through a tough time.  Reach out.
  5. When you see someone who posts something via Social Media, and no one seems to be talking to them, answer them even if you don’t know them.  It will take about 20 seconds to type a quick response. Reach out.
  6. When you see someone who appears to be new to Social Media, ask them about their business.  Reach out and bring them along.
  7. When you attend a networking event, and see someone who is by him/herself, walk over and say hello.  Trust me, people don’t attend networking events with the ultimate goal of not meeting anyone.  Reach out and bring them along.
  8. When someone says something to you in Social Media, answer them.  Don’t let their comment fall on uninterested and non-social eyes and ears.  Reach out.
  9. When you read a blog post that you like, or have feelings about, comment and add your perspective. Reach out.
  10. Every day, approach these Social spaces as just that…Social.  Engage.  Interact.  Bring people together.  Figure out ways you can share what others are doing.  Take part in Social Networking with a servant’s heart, and that is to find ways to serve others through your actions.  Reach out and bring them along whenever you can.

I have been the recipient of all of these acts of kindness, and appreciate every one of them, and the kind hearts behind them.

What would you add to my list?  What are other ways to Reach Out and Bring Them Along?

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