Should Lawyers Use Clubhouse?

Are You Tempted By Clubhouse and Other Bright, Shiny Social Media?

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Clubhouse is the next social media darling. It is social audio that promises to connect you with people and conversations at a much deeper level than you might find elsewhere. It is one of the fastest-growing apps in at least a century…okay, maybe not really a century because there weren’t apps then, right? At the time of this podcast recording, …

Should You Add Video or A Podcast To Your Blog

Should You Add Video Or A Podcast To Your Blog?

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You may be wondering if you should mix things up and swap out some of your blog posts with video, or maybe even a podcast. Quick Answer: Yes. This question was posed in a group I’m a part of by someone who said he was thinking about posting video on his firm’s blog now and then. If you like video, …

Lawyers, This Is How To Find More Speaking Opportunities

Lawyers, This Is How To Find More Speaking Opportunities

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The people, companies, and institutions you want to do business with, as well as those who can play a part in helping you accomplish your goals, are your target audiences. They are an important part of the foundation of your marketing and business development plans. Speaking and presenting to your target audiences is important. It helps you gain exposure to …

Lawyers, This Approach Can Backfire On You

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Be very careful. If this is not your style, then suddenly adapting it because you think everyone else is doing it is going to backfire on you. Lately, I have seen some people produce content that has them jumping at the camera and using bigger sounds and more drama in their audio. I am all for adding one’s personality to …