Branding vs. Positioning What Is The Difference

Branding vs. Positioning: What Is The Difference and Do You Need Both?

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You might hear people talk about the need for you to establish your personal brand, or you need to create a brand for your firm. You might also hear some of us talk about the need to position yourself in the marketplace, or what is called positioning. It can be confusing because they are related. They are definitely cousins, but …

You Damage More Than Your Own Personal Brand With Bad Online Behavior

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Fresh off of a webinar I co-hosted for the Legal Marketing Association last week titled “Personal Branding In The Age of Social & Digital Media,” where Clayton Dodds and I scratched the surface of how to define your personal brand, I was disappointed when the story broke about high-profile law form partner, Francis “Frank” Aquila, who chose to lash out …

In Business, Personal Branding Is Important

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You know that knot you get in your stomach when anticipating a difficult or challenging person or situation? Last week, I had that feeling as I was expecting a phone call. I was pretty sure of the outcome, but also knew there was a slight chance it could go either way. In this situation, it wasn’t the person who made …