Myrland Marketing Motivation: Be That One

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Myrland Marketing Motivation, A Little Virtual Encouragement To Start Your Week

Myrland Marketing Motivation, A Little Virtual Encouragement To Start Your Week. More Motivation Than Marketing. It’s A Monday Kind Of Thing!

Was there a time in your life when you were an underdog…when you were the one who needed help…when you were the one who didn’t quite know what the next step should be…and you felt awkward, shy or silly asking?

Today, watch out for one person who you suspect might be that underdog, that one who is just waiting for an unexpected guiding hand, and be that one gentle voice that calmly offers help and direction.

Nancy Myrland, Myrland Marketing & Social Media and LinkedIn Coach For LawyersNancy Myrland is a Marketing, Content, Digital & Social Media Strategist, Speaker & Advisor, helping lawyers, law firms and legal marketers grow by strategically integrating all marketing disciplines. She is a frequent LinkedIn and Twitter trainer, as well as a content marketing specialist. She helps lawyers and legal marketers understand how to make their marketing and business development efforts more relevant to their current and potential clients, and helps lead firms through their online digital strategy when dealing with high-stakes, visible cases. As an early adopter of digital technology, she also helps firms with blogging, podcasts, video marketing and livestreaming. She can be reached via email here.

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