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This is the Myrland Marketing Moment I shared on Twitter, Facebook & other media today:

“Myrland Marketing Moment: As you get busy catching up today, STOP! Call one client just to see how they are doing.”

You might be wondering what this has to do with marketing. It has everything to do with marketing! Marketing in its most basic form is the process of communicating with clients and potential clients. Yes, I know it’s much more technical than that, but always remember that it involves communicating not only what you do, but also discovering what is important to them so you can be more in touch with what you should be doing for them.

Take a moment, after you finish reading this, of course, to call one client to simply check in….tell them you were thinking about them, you’re curious how they are doing, ask them what’s new with them, their firm, their family, and maybe even what developments are taking place that are on their mind.

Imagine the bond you will be forming with this client after taking the time to have these discussions on a regular basis. Knowing you are armed with so much knowledge about them and their business, it would take an act of heroic proportions for another firm to steal them away from you. No one wants to make their own lives more difficult, so assuming you’re doing good work for them, why would they want to spend the time bringing another service provider up to date on their business—that’s too much work when you’re already there and knowledgeable.

In other words, you’ve made yourself an insider!

Here’s an important rule to remember: Don’t sell your services when you make these calls. Help your clients become accustomed to hearing from you for other than billable reasons. Help them look forward to your call, not dread it because you are billing them for your time. For those of you working in-house, this is applicable to you and your internal clients as well.

Bottom Line: Invest in them if you want them to invest in you.

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