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#LMA24: Are You Ready To Go ALL IN?

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As you might have guessed from the title of this blog post, the theme for this year’s conference is ALL IN. It makes perfect sense because, as the conference website says, “get ready to go ALL IN at the largest global meeting exclusively for the legal marketing and business profession at #LMA24 in beautiful San Diego!”

For 3 days, we will take it ALL IN as we learn best practices, tips, tricks, advice, and education that is laser-focused on helping our internal clients, our lawyers, do what they do better, which is to build their reputations and their relationships with their current and potential clients.

San Diego = Hugging

San Diego is one of my favorite conference locations. It could be the warm weather, the water, the green growth that I long for right about now, or perhaps it is just the fact that I get to see and HUG hundreds of amazingly smart, friendly, huge-hearted LMA members. If you’re not a hugger, don’t be scared as I am a great reader of body language. I see you, and I respect you. If you are a hugger, well, watch out!

Rule #1

Don’t EVER be afraid to walk right up to me to say hello, hug, smile, ask a question, or anything else that is on your mind or heart as I will always welcome you into my world. If I accidentally walk right by you, please feel free to jump out and scare me, motion to me, yell at me, or just yell out “Hey, Nancy!” I want to see you and will never intentionally ignore you.

39th Annual? That Means I Was Very Young

This is our 39th annual conference, which is very hard to believe because we were just celebrating our 25th on my 15th birthday! ūüôā Time flies way too fast!

If you’ve already read this post and are here looking for new posts, podcasts, and videos from a variety of conference attendees who will be summarizing the #LMA24 conference, I invite you to head down to the green headings below for new content added regularly. Don‚Äôt forget to let me know if I‚Äôve missed anything, okay? Thanks!

If you are reading this via email, come visit my #LMA24 summary post here.

I Get To Present During The Business Development Pre-Conference Program 

I consider it an honor and a gift to be invited to present at LMA conferences because dozens would like to present. This year, I have been invited to join a panel as we discuss:

“Why Message Matters: How Marketing, PR, and Social Media Help BD Professionals” with 3 wonderful co-presenters:

LMA24 BD Pre-Con Panel

Stay Tuned As I Will Be Curating Conference Content Right Here

As I have done in 2023, 2022, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2014, 2013, and 2013, I will be curating or creating content and linking to it from this blog post to provide a quick, easy place so you can find all of the information and recaps you might like to consume. I will also link to content from others, which will be written, as well as voice and video. I will do this before, during, and after the conference.

Stay tuned as this post will change frequently. It might be a good idea to bookmark this blog post as I will continue to add content as I find it, or as you let me know you’ve found it, too!

A Few Conference Details

  • There will be over 1000 marketing and business development professionals in attendance.
  • This is the largest legal marketing and business development conference in the world.
  • There are 35+ education sessions presented by 140+ speakers
  • There are 5 pre-conference programs on Wednesday, April 3.

I am sure there is still time to register for the pre-conference programs.

Opening Keynote

Our opening keynote speaker is Jamie Lawless, Chief Executive at Husch Blackwell, who will talk about her unique career journey in: An Uncommon Story РHow One Trailblazer Went All In 

Jamie M. Lawless, Chief Executive, Husch Blackwell

Thanks To Our Amazing Leaders!

This conference could not happen without our amazing 2024 Annual Conference Advisory Committee.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your amazing time and talents.

#LMA24 Annual Conference Advisory Committee





  • Kevin Iredell, President, LMA International Board of Directors, Chief Marketing Officer, Lowenstein Sandler¬†LLP
  • Amber Bollman, ACAC Co-Chair, Senior Client Relationship Manager, Perkins Coie¬†LLP
  • Morgan MacLeod, ACAC¬†Co-Chair¬†(Pre-Conference Focus), Co-Founder & CEO, Cubicle Fugitive, Inc.
  • Kathryn Whitaker, ACAC Co-Chair, Chief Marketing Officer,¬†Burr & Forman¬†LLP

Committee Members

#LMA24 Annual Conference Advisory Committee

Please Bookmark This Post and Let Me Know When You See Content

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The Most Important Thing I Can Share With You This Year

Before, during, and after the conference, always remember to say this to yourself:

#LMA24 - Nancy Myrland Theme - I Am Enough

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