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Legal Transformation Study—Your 2020 Vision of the Future

Thomas Clay, Principal, Altman Weil

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joedibiase: RT @nancymyrland: RT @Russ23229: #LMA Clay sez mkters must be provocateurs

nancymyrland: RT @Russ23229: #LMA Clay sez mkters must be provocateurs

nancymyrland: #LMA Marketers shd b submitting material 4 Innovaction Awards. Committee struggles every yr 2 come up w/something really innovative!

lawyerkm: pretty cool >> Check out my law firm’s website homepage…at the bottom… “follow us on Twitter” badge http://www.gibbonslaw.com/ #KM #LMA

nancymyrland: #LMA Marketers should always be at the table to discuss alternative fee arrangements. This is one of the 4 Ps of Marketing!

nancymyrland: #LMA …Cross-functional integrator. Press to start the Innovation train!

Russ23229: #LMA Clay sez mkters must be provocateurs nancymyrland: #LMA Suggestions 4 us: As provocateur. As a (John) Kotter “change” disciple. Drucker-like opp’y developer…. nancymyrland: RT @Russ23229: #LMA At least Clay agrees with Peter Sheahan about acting quickly.

nancymyrland: #LMA Analysis of info & data show these %s are occurring: Clue Chip Mega (26%), Expertopia (23%), EMarketplace (29%), Techno (23%).

salosmom: 20/20 discussion @ #LMA says the current strategic outlook for future of law firms is the “e-marketplace.”

nancymyrland: #LMA Mktrs in the room vote: Blue Chip Mega Mania (hand full of votes) Expertopia (25 votes) E-Marketplace (25 votes) Techno Firm (few)

Russ23229: #LMA At least Clay agrees with Peter Sheahan about acting quickly.

nancymyrland: #LMA Thomas: Book–> Organized Genius, a great book about collaboration.

sarah_johnson28: #LMA wrapping up with 8 fundamental requirements for succeeding and thriving. great presentation.

nancymyrland: #LMA Technology-KM, service delivery. Take long view, but act now.

nancymyrland: #LMA Achieve a leadership position in pricing flexibility. Prof’l staffing flexibility and models-outsourcing, contract lawyers.

nancymyrland: #LMA Thomas’s recommendations: Be Nimble. Align service models. Make CRM a way of life. Relentlessly drive collaboration.

nancymyrland: #LMA Likely scenarios have now been presented based on research. Now figure out what to do with the information?

Russ23229: #LMA Clay brought interesting possibilities, but little of use

nancymyrland: #LMA Snapshot D: Smart technologies abound. Selection based on value and capacity. Lawyers-in-a-box provided by major aggregators.

nancymyrland: #LMA Scenario D-Techno-Law: Aggregated providers & delivery in a hands-off & global environment. Firm is integrated in every biz process.

sarah_johnson28: #LMA 4. techno law. aggregated providers in a global environmet. need firm, but very different. mega provider are big players

nancymyrland: #LMA Scenario C: The E-Marketplace: “This is the scary one.” This is the 1that makes it easy 4 clients to bypass attys by using software.

sarah_johnson28: #LMA 3. e-marketplace. open it up to all people. technology mimicks what a lawyer does.

Russ23229: #LMA Clay’s putting folks to sleep-where’s the enthusiasm? nancymyrland: #LMA In Scenario B-Expertopia, it is hard for new lawyers because how do they break in to the ranks of the experts? nancymyrland: #LMA Scenario B allows for clients 2 b able 2 rate u, some require standards 4 entry 2 play.

nancymyrland: #LMA Scenario B: Expertopia: Disaggregated providers & delivery in a heavy & fragmented regulatory environment.

sarah_johnson28: #LMA 2. expertopia. boutiques ad specialized individuals abound

nancymyrland: #LMA ..to the mega firms, which may or may not be bad.

nancymyrland: #LMA Mega Law Mania is a model many lawyers think will become reality. This shrinks the middle market firms as they become service providers

sarah_johnson28: #LMA “large law firms have done nothing to control costs”

nancymyrland: #LMA Firms have not had to control costs because they’ve continued to raise rates accordingly.

nancymyrland: #LMA Scenarios that could exist: Mega-Firm Mania. Firms have done almost nothing to control costs over the last 15 years. sarah_johnson28: #LMA 4 scenarios. 1st is mega mania. aggregated providers worldwide. nancymyrland: #LMA Thomas Clay–gotta love it. He has some slides that are made for Tweeting, and are titled that way! 🙂

Russ23229: #LMA Altman’s Tom Clay’s really making us wait for any useful study data

nancymyrland: #LMA (Pls excuse typos or other mistakes. I’m trying to type fast to capture data.) 🙂

nancymyrland: #LMA So, the issue is not do you pursue change, but how fast you do it.

nancymyrland: #LMA How much will smart technologies penetrate the legal services market? We are still listening to Thomas Clay from Altman Weil.

nancymyrland: #LMA Which litigation model will prevail globally? Will NGOs shape & influence regul’y regimes?

nancymyrland: #LMA Top Uncertainties, contd: How much will 3rd parties focus on cost? What role will privacy & data security plan in litigation?

nancymyrland: #LMA Will the industry face a skill shortage: #LMA Will the legal profession become deregulated?

nancymyrland: #LMA What will the global economy look like? 2 what extent will non-atty legal service competition move upstream?

nancymyrland: #LMA Top uncertainties: What purchase & deliv’y models will develop 4 legal services? What type of regul’y & compliance envir’t will exist?

nancymyrland: #LMA Increased authority of corp purchasing agents in the legal decision-making process.

Karen_Russell: @meganmckeon: #LMA good advice: let the first thing out of your mouth be your SECOND thought. Thanks for passing on my advice & tweeting!

nancymyrland: #LMA Enhance role of non-lawyer biz mgrs in law firms and law firm depts. Rise in demand 4 diversity in the profession.

nancymyrland: #LMA More trends….Deepened interest in work/life balance. Incrsd Internet-based service deliv’y. Heightened dmnd 4 specialized experts.

nancymyrland: #LMA …and Standardization of legal information.

nancymyrland: #LMA Expanded globalization of legal practice. Heightened demand 4 legal wrk from economic & regulatory forces. nancymyrland: #LMA 10 Trends found in the study..will focus on the most impt 2day. Commoditization of, and within, services. Increased appl’n of techn’y. sarah_johnson28: #LMA 10 trends in the legal industry. 2 major one.

nancymyrland: #LMA Scenario Planning allows us to NOT respond 2 late…the downfall of many. sarah_johnson28: #LMA responding too late to change will be the downfall of many

nancymyrland: #LMA Use scenario planning. Chooses an end date and works backward., how factors & forces work 2gether 2 create new realities.

sarah_johnson28: #LMA differentiators will be very different in 2020

nancymyrland: #LMA Thomas Clay: Differentiators in 2020 are likely to be very difft than we’ve seen before.

jhellerman: Thomas Clay (#LMA sesh: Legal Transformation Study) bio available here: http://tiny.cc/N56a4

sarah_johnson28: #LMA need a plan before you can do scenario planning

AAARenee: #FollowFriday Thanks @meganmckeon @LindsayGriffith @nancymyrland @heathermilligan @SonnyCohen & @CBamePR cuz of u I virtually attended #LMA

sarah_johnson28: #LMA sitting in the legal transformation webinar nancymyrland: #LMA This talk by Thomas Clay was born out of a study that Altman Weil conducted on legal transformation. nancymyrland: #LMA Thomas Clay, Altman Weil: It IS going to change, the question is HOW FAST is it going to change?

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