Lawyers, Should Your LinkedIn Profile Be More Conversational?

Lawyers, Should Your LinkedIn Profile Be More Conversational?

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Recently, during a one-on-one LinkedIn training session with a partner at a law firm, my client asked an interesting and perceptive question:

“Is my LinkedIn profile a place where I can be a little more casual and conversational and share things I wouldn’t normally include in my firm bio?”

My answer was ”Absolutely!”

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Lawyers, Should Your LinkedIn Profile Be More Conversational?

When he asked that question, I had a smile on my face because we had already spent time talking about ways to communicate what he does and what he is and wants to be known for in his practice. It was obvious to me that he made the connection between his professional brand and LinkedIn. He understood everything we had been discussing.

What Areas On My LinkedIn Profile Can I Add More Of My Personality?

Before I go on, please don’t confuse this with personal posts on LinkedIn as we are only discussing your profile at the moment. I will touch on your presence, or how you use LinkedIn on a regular basis, below.

Back To Your LinkedIn Profile!

LinkedIn provides ample space for you as a professional to showcase your professionalism and your personality.

If you would like to use a more conversational tone on your LinkedIn profile, which I always recommend (after all, this is social media), there are several places to do so, but I invite you to first take a look at your “About” and “Experience” sections as they offer a lot of room for more conversational content. There are many other sections where you can add a conversational tone, but let’s start with these two.

In these two sections, you have plenty of space to become much more conversational, to let people know that you’re thankful for your clients, and you’re thankful for having the ability to work on specific projects. Based on confidentiality, you can then list them.

Let Your LinkedIn Profile Serve As A Conversation With Others

Yes, take advantage of these spaces to showcase your background and credentials, but don’t miss the opportunity to write as if you were having a conversation with your profile viewers. That also means writing your profile in first, not third, person. You are writing your LinkedIn profile, vs. someone writing it about you as is often the case with your law firm bio.

Your LinkedIn Presence

Your bio on your firm’s website shows your credentials. LinkedIn, as well as other social media, showcase your credentials, but they also help build your relationships with others who are important to you because of the social, conversational nature that is built into the platforms.

You could say LinkedIn is doing double duty for you.

Show others you are smart and approachable, and that the topics you are commenting on are important to you and your clients. Remember, your clients and potential clients can be exposed to your posts and comments even when not directed toward them. The algorithms are always watching with a keen eye toward matching relevant content and people to one another.

Again, LinkedIn is doing double duty for you.

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