Lawyers, How To Grow Your Practice - Stay The Course

Lawyers, How To Grow Your Practice: Find The Course, Then Stay The Course

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If you’re anything like me, there are times when there is something you want to accomplish, and you just want it to happen now. You wish you could close your eyes or snap your fingers and it would just be done.

Wouldn’t that be nice? I know I would love that!

You know this skill, this practice, this process, or this action will probably help you grow your practice. The challenge is that you’re busy, and it takes time. The tendency is to skip a few steps so that you will get there quicker, or to not do it at all.

Your Choice: Blog or Podcast

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What Would Help You Build Your Practice?

Let’s say you would like to:

  • Learn how to use LinkedIn
  • Launch a podcast
  • Win a client’s business
  • Become a better networker
  • Become a more confident presenter
  • …or any other skill or project that you know is probably going to be good for your practice

You Know This Will Help, But Getting Started Can Be Difficult

You’ve been telling yourself this needs to be done because it will help establish and build your reputation and your relationships with your clients and potential clients and other influencers, but starting can be the most difficult because you just want it to happen.

  • If you want to launch a podcast, shouldn’t you just be able to sign up and start recording?
  • Shouldn’t you just be able to get on LinkedIn and be found?
  • Aren’t there one or two things you can do to become a stellar presenter?

You might be wondering if there is a quick way to accomplish this marketing or business development practice that will result in helping people notice you as an informed, intelligent leader in your practice area.

Let’s Step Back A Moment

We need to step back a little bit. This is a message I give myself every once in a while because I tend to do things very quickly. When I get something in my mind, I want it to happen right away. I am able to move through tasks and processes very quickly just because that’s my nature. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that I’ve owned my own business for 20 years now, which makes it very easy to decide what comes next.

My recommendation to you comes from many years of fighting myself on this and finally getting to the point where I know that I need to give myself the grace and have the patience to go through the steps that I need to go through to be effective at whatever it is I am trying to do.

I Want The Same For You

I want whatever it is you are trying to do to stick and to be sustainable so that it results in helping you accomplish your goals of client and practice development.

Here are 3 suggestions for you:

  1. Don’t take shortcuts unless you have someone skilled in the subject teach you their time-tested and ethical shortcuts.
  2. Learn sequentially. There is typically a reason lessons and processes are in the order they are, which is typically because the next step builds upon the last. Try to not be impatient and skip to the last lesson in a plan, project, tutorial, or online course because it seems that will help you get to the finish line quicker.
  3. Give yourself the grace and the patience to go through the steps needed to successfully build, launch, announce, develop, or teach whatever it is you would like to do.

I Have A Resource For You

If effective use of LinkedIn is one of those tasks or goals you have, I want to make sure you have my free resource:

LinkedIn For Lawyers: 8 Essential Ways To Get Noticed By The Right People On LinkedIn.

This complimentary resource contains 8 best practices for using LinkedIn effectively. Don’t worry, you don’t have to use them all. Just use the ones that are comfortable for you, then test the others when you’re ready.

It also contains a monthly check-off calendar that can serve as a reminder to use these best practices. Having this visual aid will help to remind you to use these best practices, thereby creating very good habits on LinkedIn.

You can get that by clicking on this link or by clicking on the graphic below.

LinkedIn For Lawyers - 8 Essential Tips and Best Practices by Nancy Myrland

Thanks so much for being here!

Take care.

Nancy Myrland, Legal Marketing and Business Development Advisor to Lawyers

Nancy Myrland is a Marketing and Business Development Advisor, specializing in Content, Social & Digital Media. She helps lawyers grow their practices by integrating the right marketing practices in order to build their reputations and their relationships, which leads to building their practices.

Also known as the LinkedIn Coach For Lawyers, Nancy is a frequent LinkedIn trainer, as well as a content marketing specialist. She helps lawyers, law firms, and legal marketers learn and implement content, social, and digital media strategies that cut through the clutter and are more relevant to their current and potential clients.

She is also the founder of the hybrid self-study and online course, LinkedIn Course For Lawyers, where she personally guides lawyers through the sequential creation of their LinkedIn profile and presence. 

As an early and constant adopter of social and digital media and technology, she also helps firms with blogging, podcasting, video marketing, voice marketing, and livestreaming. Nancy also works with many firms and lawyers on Zoom and virtual presentation training and coaching to be the best they can be when presenting online.

She also helps lead select law firms through their online social media strategy when dealing with high-stakes, visible cases.