Lawyers, Are You Winning The Positioning Battle?

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Lawyers, Are You Winning The Positoning Battle

You’re fighting a battle.

I’m fighting a battle.

The firm next door is fighting this same battle.

In fact, everyone is fighting the same battle, but with a different goal in mind.

How Can That Be?

Everything you say and do in your business has a purpose, or at least a result. Your marketing and communication, whether spoken, written, digital or otherwise, serves to create an impression of you in others’ minds, whether that is negative, positive or neutral.

What is important is that you have first decided what you want that impression to be in the minds of your clients and prospects.

Ask These Questions

  1. How do you want them to think of you when they come across you or your work?
  2. What words do you want to come to their minds when they hear your voice?
  3. What feelings do you want them to have when they see your profile on LinkedIn?
  4. How do you want them to react when they have work to refer?
  5. What sense of urgency to contact you do you want them to have when they have an issue with which they need help?

For example, do you:

  • Want them to think that you are the number one firm in the area of insurance defense, M & A work, or in grassroots and government affairs issues?
  • Want them to think that you are the cost-effective, nimble alternative when it comes to IP, real estate or social media law?
  • Want them to think you are the nicest group of lawyers on the planet?
  • Want them to think you are the most flippant yet aggressive counsel when it comes to medical malpractice issues?
  • Want them to think you are the stealth-like, up-and-comer firm that should not be taken lightly in biotech?

These are just examples of the kinds of questions you need to ask yourselves before you embark on any marketing and communications effort, whether that be social or digital media, speaking at conferences, client pitches, redesigning your office space, deciding how to dress for each client, training your administrative staff, and so many more situations that all have an impact on what others think when they see, hear or read you.

What Does This Have To Do With Fighting A Battle? 

Every question and suggestion above has to do with defining the position you wish to take in your clients’ and prospects’ minds. You need to take some time and have these conversations. You need to ask the questions I asked above, and more, then take time to fit your answers into each of the marketing and communication channels just mentioned, which are…

  • Social
  • Digital
  • Speaking at conferences
  • Client pitches
  • Redesigning your office space
  • The design of everything that represents you
  • How you dress for each client
  • Training your administrative staff
  • …and others

When you have completed that task, you then need to do this for every practice area or business unit in your firm; then every attorney, as well as every client-facing professional.

Don’t get overwhelmed with that last statement. Just start with the firm and see what comes up. You will be surprised at what you will uncover, and what you will decide as a result of this process.

The rest of it will then be much easier, I promise!

Only after you have decided the position you want to have in your clients’ and prospects’ minds can your firm then begin to communicate effectively.

Yes, this is the battle for what position you want to have in their minds because your competitors are also in the middle of staking a position there as well. Why not be deliberate about what you want your position to be?

You know I am always here if you have questions.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes, okay?

Thanks to best-selling author, Al Ries, for opening my eyes early in my career to the concept of battling for position when I read his classic, Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind

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