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The other day I read, and commented on, a post from Twitterville author Shel Israel, in which he was discussing his assertion that social media is now at the end of a period of great disruption, and is now entering a longer, quieter period of normalization.

The thoughts I shared on his blog, along with a few new additions, are these:

Business, as well as all kinds of institutions and organizations, make decisions for all kinds of reasons. Fear, uncertainty, arrogance, competition, desperation, passion, nurturing, empathy, sympathy, follow-the-leader, follow-the-loser and a host of other factors go in to good and bad decisions and developments.

I think we are in the midst of several worlds co-existing in Social Media. One is the world of those who dove in head-first, embraced tools that are the most revolutionary communication and connection tools we have witnessed in many years, and are continuing to use them to their advantage. Another world is of those who are curious, are dabbling and are scurrying around experimenting. Another is the world of those who think Social is the devil, and, by golly, they don’t need it to survive and they’re going to prove that to everyone by holding out!

Many worlds exist in between the three I mentioned. What is important for all to know is that it is no longer our decision, but our clients and potential client’s decision regarding how they expect to be communicated with, how they want their problems solved, the speed at which they expect an answer, and the way they are evolving with their comfort level and knowledge of tools available to them.  As they evolve, so does our need to evolve and meet them where they live and do business on a daily basis.  In fact, I’m a firm believer that we should get there first if at all possible so we are there, communicating and establishing relationships comfortably. Wouldn’t we all like to be welcomed by our service providers rather than welcoming them down the road?

It’s time to jump in strategically, and to take advantage of the tools and the gifts we have been given that allow us to be closer to those whom we would like to care about our products and services.

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