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In case you noticed, I haven’t posted in quite some time.  I’ll explain….

On June 29th, my husband had a stroke caused by a blood clot in a vein in the left side of his brain.  This was completely unexpected as he had none of the lifestyle or health markers that can lead to stroke.  It remains a mystery to doctors and to us as all tests were negative.

I was, as you would expect, with him night and day in the hospital for most of June, then in outpatient rehab most of July.  I am happy to say he is making a remarkable recovery.  He initially had significant damage to his right side.  If you saw him today, you would never know he had a stroke.  We have been Blessed beyond belief because we know this could have been much worse.  We saw many in the hospital whose lives will never be the same because of head trauma.  John has a few minor issues left with his right hand, but we are hopeful those will heal also.  We have been overwhelmed with an enormous amount of love and prayer from family, friends, and friends of friends who we don’t even know.

For the majority of the past month, I have been 3 hours north of Indianapolis in South Bend, Indiana with my Mom, who had heart surgery about three weeks ago.  Out of respect for her privacy, I will just tell you she is definitely improving.  She has miles to go, but we remain hopeful and thankful for her and her progress.

There you have the reasons I have been away from my website/blog these past few months.  Being self-employed, I need to begin focusing on work issues again very soon, so I plan on jumping back in during the next few weeks.  I appreciate the support we have been given from many of you during this time, and certainly treasure the grace my clients have shown as well.  Without all of you, we wouldn’t have such a positive story to tell.

I’m here if you need me, or if you have any questions at all.