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As much as many would like for Facebook to be used only for personal, friend & family communication, it is increasingly being molded and used for business use. Just today I was invited to “become a fan” of Arment Dietrich, a full-service communication firm based in Chicago.

Firms are beginning to approach Friends on Facebook to “Become a Fan” of their page on Facebook. There is something going on out there, and it’s time to take notice.

If you are going to be on Facebook, or any Social Medium, then I would try to maximize your presence. Give people a reason to find you there. Invite them via Facebook and other communication mediums you use to “Become a Fan.”

For example, everyone in your firm who has a presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Plaxo and other social media, in their auto-signatures in email, your newsletters, and any other places you can think of, should be including a mention and a link to this Fan Page, which then invites them to become a Fan. They don’t have to become a Fan if they don’t want to.

Don’t forget that friends and alumni are amazing referral sources, which means that wherever they are, including Facebook, is a place you should research and consider as well. I am seeing more and more people on Facebook and Twitter, and am happy to Follow and Friend them, but I don’t necessarily consider them my family or closest friends, although many of them do fit in to this category. Either way, they can help contribute to my Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) efforts as they are bound to catch a glimpse in to what I do for a living. It’s my job to supply information that will help my Friends and Followers understand what I do. This contributes to healthy WOMM. I try to mix this type of information in with my Tweets on Twitter, and my Posts on Facebook, along with more personal ones that show my personal side.

The lines of communication are blurring. Personal and professional vehicles are becoming universal means of communication. I think this will only become more common in the coming months and years. I would give this serious consideration.

Remember, also, that being in these places can boost your organic search rankings as well. Just make sure to keep your content current, include interesting information, even hold a contest now and then for Fan of the Week, like Arment Dietrich now does, even invite people to contribute and discuss what’s going on in their world on YOUR fan page. Give prizes, direct attention to your Fans, make THEM heroes. Remember, it’s not about us all the time, so take advantage of opportunities to focus on your Fans and Followers. What better way to listen to the world than through your Friends and Followers? Get them talking on your Social Media tools.

One last point….for now! Become Fans of any competitors’ or alliances’ Fan pages you can find as this is great competitive and strategic intelligence!

Please let me know if there is any way I can help you.

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