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Today I read a post on Social Media Examiner about creating Social Media Content Strategy.  The author, Rich Brooks, made a comment that resonated with me.

“Unfortunately, few businesses actually have a strategy for their Facebook page, or for the rest of their social media activity. They tweet, blog and set up a Facebook business page out of fear of being left behind, rather than as a way to engage their audience.”

His next comment is what caused me to head over here to share some thoughts with you:

“If your social media engagement is reactive rather than proactive, it’s time to step back, take a deep breath and develop a content strategy that will engage your community.”

What I am about to share isn’t solely about social media strategy, but about your overall marketing strategy.  Yes, of course, your marketing strategy these days should include social media presence and participation, but it doesn’t drive your marketing plan or strategy.  It’s the other way around.  Your marketing strategy drives your social media, and all other communication, activity.

What does this mean?

This means that you owe it to yourselves, your partners, your staff and your clients to create marketing strategy proactively.  It’s just good business.  If you skip the phase that helps you create marketing plans for your organization, you are leaving your marketing and communication activities and results to chance, reaction and emotion, which can be very bad business.

Sure, you always have to be nimble, allowing you to react to those events and activities that come along that call for snap decisions, but if you have already spent time developing your marketing plan, complete with targets, locations, services, pricing, messages, media, measurement, tactics, timelines, budget and more, then you will find that even those snap decisions will be more logical, and not knee-jerk reactions.  This is good business.

If you are planning on letting another year slip by without spending time developing this necessary strategy, I advise you to think like an owner.  Step back, take a deep breath, commit resources  and run your organization with the foresight and planning it deserves.

Treat your marketing strategy as carefully as you chose your banker, your office space, your partners and your letterhead…okay, maybe a little more than you put in to your letterhead…maybe a lot more.

As business owners, it is our responsibility to build our businesses on a firm foundation, unlike a stack of dominos that can be tipped over by the latest unexpected challenge, issue, competitor or marketing opportunity.

As always, please let me know what I can do to help.

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