#LMA14: I’m Really Looking Forward To It!

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I’m really looking forward to next week! Yes, I will miss my beyond-words-adorable Yellow Lab puppies, Mike and Nick, more than I can say, but I know they are in great hands here at home with my husband, John. Oh, yes, I will miss him too, of course! But this is the time of year that I get excited about. …

Lawyers: The World Has Changed, So Have Your Buyers

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Professor David B. Wilkins, Professor of Law at the Harvard Law School, gave the opening keynote at the recent Legal Marketing Association, or LMA, International Conference, reminding us there are structural changes going on in law firms and the world that should be causing all of us to sit up and pay attention. He is part of a group that …

What Happens In Vegas Ends Up On Social Media

Keep In Mind: What Goes On In Vegas Ends Up In Social Media! #LMA13

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On behalf of my 4 wonderful Co-Leaders of the LMA, Legal Marketing Association, Social Media SIG, I have gathered a few of our thoughts about using Social Media at the #LMA13 conference, or any conference. We know our members are very smart, social media-savvy professionals, but we thought we’d send along a few reminders just in case you need to …

Networking - Would You Rather Have A Root Canal

Networking: Would You Rather Have A Root Canal? #LMA13

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Because I’m getting ready to attend the LMA, Legal Marketing Association, Annual Conference next week, and presenting at the ALA, Association of Legal Administrators, conference the week after, I decided to share a few thoughts for those who would rather have a root canal, or maybe even 10 of them, instead of the pain of networking. I understand there are …

#LMA13 It's Almost Time

#LMA13: It’s Almost Time

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It’s almost time. There’s excitement, anticipation, nervousness, and optimism in the air. You know what I’m talking about. Friends old and new are about to gather in Las Vegas for the 2013 LMA International Annual Conference. Our Board of Directors, which I’m proud to be a part of, will be meeting for 2 days while 5 pre-conference sessions get underway. …

We Must Never Lose Sight Of One Thing. It All Began With A Mouse. #LMA11

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I just returned from a wonderful LMA, or Legal Marketing Association, annual conference, followed by vacation with my husband at Disney World. I had a fantastic time at both, meeting and seeing new and old friends, learning, laughing, connecting, meeting, celebrating and having fun playing in one of the world’s largest playgrounds. This was LMA’s 25th annual conference, and it showed. …

Legal Marketing: What To Do Now That #LMA11 Is Almost Over

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I’ve been attending the Legal Marketing Association’s 2011 Annual Conference for the past 3 days. Right about now, I become slightly passionate about what I’ve experienced at the conference. After last year’s conference, I was driven to write this post titled #LMA10 Conference – My Message To Marketers. I tend to feel protective of lawyers and legal marketers. You are …

The Top 10 Things You Can Do To Get Social At #LMA11

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It’s time.  Over a thousand legal marketing professionals wait a year for this.  The suspense looms large in firms all over the world.  An investment in knowledge, growth and relationships has been made. LMA11 is shorthand for the Legal Marketing Association’s 2011 Annual Conference, where marketers from around the world come together to advance the legal profession and continue to …