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Over on Twitter, I “Tweet” marketing tips and words of wisdom called Myrland Marketing Moments a few times a week.  As you may know, Twitter allows users to share messages with their Followers, but with a limit of 140 characters, which doesn’t seem to be a deterrent to most.  

I encourage my clients and Followers to occasionally include a link to a blog post or website in order to expand upon their Tweets in case there are Followers who are interested in learning more. 

Several very kind and generous Followers have shared, or “ReTweeted,” my Myrland Marketing Moments with their Followers, which is a wonderful marketing gift as it helps my messages reach hundreds, even thousands, of people outside of my normal circle of Followers.   I’ve been asked to explain a bit more from time to time, so I will do that via this blog, Myrland Marketing Minutes, and through my upcoming enewsletter, Myrland Marketing Memo, which is in the development stage.

If you have questions about any of my marketing suggestions or services, I encourage you to leave a comment for me, or email me personally at [email protected]

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