How To Draw Them In To Your Facebook Business Fan Page

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facebook logo by AJC1.I’m a member of, and receive questions other members post on a regular basis. Tonight, “Tyler” asked how he could attract and engage Fans to his Facebook Fan page. My advice to him is my advice to you…..

“Tyler, keep at it. This, like other forms of marketing, takes a while. Use your Discussions Tab, then ask thought-provoking questions, or ones where people can show their expertise, then post links to these discussions on a regular basis; on your Fan Page, your Profile Wall, on Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog, enewsletter, your auto-signature, etc.

Cross-promoting social activity on all other Social Mediums is key to building traffic in any other medium, as well as being patient, conversational, educational and likable. As with a blog, this kind of interaction and activity takes a while.”


This was only a brief thought or two shared with Tyler.  There is a great deal of strategy, creativity, interaction and design that goes in to a Fan Page if you’d like it to be successful, and to reflect your brand.  It should be part of an overall marketing plan that takes in to account what you want to accomplish with your business/practice, with whom you’d like to accomplish this, and a host of other factors.

Make sure you participate in this same type of activity on other Fan Pages, Blogs and all Social Networking sites, as well as in person, because you will develop relationships with people who will be interested in engaging in the conversations you host. People like to interact with those they have come to know, like and trust via the conversation that takes place on the Social Web.

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