How Is Your Social Echo?

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Do Your Social Media Efforts Last Very Long?Because I know you’ve been sitting around, waiting for yet another industry term to become familiar with, I thought I’d introduce you to one you might not have heard yet.

Social Echo

PR Newswire coined the term “Social Echo” to describe

“the powerful reverberation around brands that occurs through [the millions of] conversations in the social networks and communities where people gather today.”

In PR Newswire’s view,

“A brand’s Social Echo has enormous power to shape reputation, influence mass opinion and drive growth. Social Echo has equal – and perhaps even greater – power to stop a brand dead in its tracks.”

They go on to say that…

“Marketers and communicators who understand this are actively engaged in listening to their Social Echo and in finding ways to participate in the conversations that comprise their Social Echo. Importantly, they are also gleaning real-time insights to apply back to their brands in every area – customer care, product development, brand positioning and messaging, innovation and more.

Questions To Ask Yourself

Does my brand echo across Social Media?

Am I actively listening to what others in the echo say about us or in our practice areas?

Am I a one-shot wonder when it comes to promoting our people, practices and presence?

Do I understand what it takes to help our messages live on so others will hear and see them?

Am I taking our messages, dissecting them 20 different ways, and finding ways to communicate them effectively in all forms of media and messaging for the next year or two?

Never Before

Never before have we had the tools that are now available to help us take control of the messages we want to send. We no longer have to sit back and wait for reporters to pick up our release, include our firm names and tell our story for us. If they do, that’s now the icing on the cake, not the cake itself.

We have the ability to talk about our people, create news, communicate accomplishments, highlight clients, take the lead and to be coordinated and complementary in our marketing and communication plans using our schedule, and that of our clients.

We also have the ability to listen and have conversations with people previously untouchable because they weren’t accessible.

How’s Your Echo?

Does your firm, your brand, really echo, or are you wondering why no one is hearing your messages, causing you to tap your proverbial microphone, asking “is anyone out there?”

They’re out there. Now you need to go about finding them, listening to them, talking with them, and working on a true Social Echo that will find its way to the eyes and ears of your intended audiences.

Gone are the days of only casual use for business. It’s time to get serious with these tools. It’s time to think strategically about their use and how they fit into your Social Echo.

Your thoughts?