Should Lawyers Use Clubhouse?

Are You Tempted By Clubhouse and Other Bright, Shiny Social Media?

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Clubhouse is the next social media darling. It is social audio that promises to connect you with people and conversations at a much deeper level than you might find elsewhere. It is one of the fastest-growing apps in at least a century…okay, maybe not really a century because there weren’t apps then, right?

At the time of this podcast recording, it is an app that is only available on iOS. Don’t worry if you’re an Android user as I know the Android app is coming soon.

If you are wondering whether you should follow this bright, very shiny new social media platform, join me here for 5 minutes while I give you my opinion and guidance. Let me know what you think. Just click the play button below.

Are you already on Clubhouse?

Will you be?

Do you feel like you’re spreading yourself too thin with too many platforms, or do you have it all under control?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. I will be spending some time there so I can be more informed when I advise my clients.

Until that time, thanks for being here.

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