Are Lawyers Creating Coronavirus Content The Wrong Way?

Are Lawyers Creating Coronavirus Content The Wrong Way?

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There has been an amazing increase in the amount and types of Coronavirus content being created by lawyers and law firms, as well as the rest of the world. There has also been an increase in the number of people who will freely tell the world you are doing it wrong.

In this unprecedented time we are living in, many are struggling to find the right mix, the right tone, the right platforms, and the right frequency.

In this episode of Legal Marketing Minutes with Nancy Myrland, I discuss the comments I am seeing and hearing and suggest how we all might want to make a few adjustments.

Legal Marketing Minutes is always under 10 minutes. This episode is 8 minutes and 38 seconds.

After you listen, I’d like to hear your perspective.

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Nancy Myrland, Myrland Marketing & Social Media and LinkedIn Coach For LawyersNancy Myrland is a Marketing, Business Development, Content, Social & Digital Media Speaker, Trainer & Advisor, helping lawyers and legal marketers grow by integrating all marketing disciplines in order to maximize business development efforts to grow their practices. Known as the LinkedIn Coach For Lawyers, she is a frequent LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for Business trainer, as well as a content marketing specialist. She helps lawyers, law firms, and legal marketers learn and implement marketing and business development efforts that are more relevant to their current and potential clients. As an early and constant adopter of social and digital media and technology, she also helps firms with blogging, podcastsvideo marketing, voice marketing, flash briefings, and livestreaming. She also helps lead law firms through their online social media strategy when dealing with high-stakes, visible cases.

If you would like to reserve an hour of Nancy’s time to begin talking strategy or think through an issue you are having, you can do that here.

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