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Because Social Media and Social Networking revolve around connection to other people, which then leads to developing relationships, it’s important to monitor activity that is directly related to you.

I like to acknowledge the kindness so many people show when they respond to a question, take their valuable time to RT, which stands for ReTweet, or share, something I’ve written on Twitter with their followers, or when they share something I’ve posted on Facebook.  People don’t have to take time out of their busy day to do this, but they do, so I like to say thanks.

Yesterday I almost missed a response from a good Twitter friend.  I was having router issues, causing me to have to reset it many times a day for the past several days.  I reached out on Twitter and Facebook to see if everyone thought it was “cooked.”  I received about a dozen comments and suggestions, for which I am very thankful.  One friend replied on Twitter, but put a space between my first and last name.

On Twitter, one’s name is one word or phrase, preceded by the @ symbol, with no spaces.  Mine is @NancyMyrland.  Because the name she accidentally used  was @Nancy Myrland (notice the space between the two names), it did not hit my Mentions column, so I didn’t see it; at least not on Twitter.

I did see it in the alerts I had set up for any mention of my name in Social Media.  Let’s take a look.

I suggest you set up alerts so you will be notified when you are mentioned in Social Media.  Much like Google Alerts, these Social Alerts will notify you of mentions of your name, your Social Media names, your company name, etc.

There are a multitude of tools to use to monitor your name out there, including Google Alerts, but here are 2 I am suggesting today that pertain specifically to Social Media:

    If you use Twitter, set up a search for your Twitter name.  In my case, that’s @NancyMyrland.  Why is this important?  Because it allows you to catch any mentions of your name on Twitter that might, for one reason or another, miss hitting your Replies column.
    I say column because I am a TweetDeck user, which allows me to manage my time on Twitter as I can separate my Followers in to columns that I name, thus allowing for prioritization of viewing, education, interaction, engagement or any other reason I might be on Twitter at a particular point in time.  Believe it or not, there are Tweets directed toward me that don’t end up in my Mentions column, but do in my Search column for @NancyMyrland.
    Set up Social Media alerts via Social Mention.  You will notice it functions just like Google Alerts, and will let you know when any term, name or keyword has been mentioned.  This is where I found my Twitter friend’s response to my router question late last night.  It was in one of my Social Mention searches that is sent to me via email.  I was then able to click on the link in my Social Mention email, which took me to her response to me on Twitter, where I hit reply, thanked her and let her know the results of my router challenge.

Just like with Google Alerts, which you should also have set up on every name, company name, misspelling of your name, competitor you care about, industry or profession keywords that are vital to your business, etc., these types of searches will help you stay on top of Internet activity that has to do with you, your name and your interests.

As I mentioned, these are only 2…well, 3 because I threw in Google Alerts in the last paragraph, of dozens of tools that can be used to search for all of these names and keywords.

What are some of your favorites?

A very kind thank you to Mickleg for use of the Flickr Bloodhound image above.

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