12 Twitter Tips For Lawyers

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Twelve Twitter Tips for Lawyers…say THAT 10 times real fast! Go ahead. I’ll wait.
Had I told you five years ago that I had a tool that would allow you to:

Listen to your clients
Observe your competition
Stay in touch with your referral sources, and
Nurture relationships with media

What would you have thought?
If I also told you that this same tool would also allow …


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new post from Shel Israel, the author of Twitterville and Naked Conversations.  The post is called Twitteropolis, implying a shift in Twitter culture from the more quaint Twitterville he wrote about in his book.
Shel wrote that Twitterville is feeling much more like Twitteropolis these days.
Shel shared:

“I named it Twitterville because I wanted to connote a certain homey, small-town feel–a place where you …