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Ah, the 4th quarter.
It’s that time of year when the following questions pop up in listserves, conferences, partner and staff meetings, and everywhere else firms discuss marketing budgets.
What percent of revenue are other firms spending for marketing?
How about business development?
Then the big hunt begins.  Marketers are asked to research these numbers to find out what the norm is in the …


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I can still remember the wonderful gift of a gas grill our dear friends gave us when we got married 23 years ago.  That grill came in a box, with about 150,000 parts and a set of directions.
I call it Divorce Court In A Box….just kidding….kind of.
The next grill we bought, which was a few years ago, was all in …


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A recent Myrland Marketing Moment I shared was:
Remember that Social Media use is a little bit about you, and A LOT about everyone else.
It’s true.  These are called Social Media, and we do Social Networking on them. We’re here to spread the good word, which isn’t always ours.  We’re here to communicate, connect and sometimes even collaborate if we find …

Please Don’t Tape My Mouth Shut

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Lately I’ve run into a few blogs and Facebook Pages that don’t allow visitors to comment. This isn’t typically an accident as it can only be done by deliberately going into one’s settings and choosing this feature.
From a marketing, customer service, leadership, product and service development, and human perspective, I don’t think this is a wise business decision.
Why? Let’s Take …


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Yesterday I was part of a discussion about how to market a new service a company was thinking about launching.  One of the participants commented:
“We have one chance to market this new service to our target audience.”
Those who know me know that comment got my wheels turning.  I then shared the following:
“I have a different perspective on that.  I think …

Sales Is Not A Dirty Word

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I’ve been working in legal, professional services, and other service-based marketing for a long time.
Nowhere is there a stigma against the term “selling” as strong as there is in legal and professional services.  It somehow feels dirty, slimy, something others do, but not me.
When I started my job as Director of Marketing for a law firm in 1997, it was …


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Because Social Media and Social Networking revolve around connection to other people, which then leads to developing relationships, it’s important to monitor activity that is directly related to you.
I like to acknowledge the kindness so many people show when they respond to a question, take their valuable time to RT, which stands for ReTweet, or share, something I’ve written on Twitter …

The Old-Fashioned Way … They Earn It

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Some of you might remember the 1970s Smith Barney commercial starring the famous actor and producer John Houseman. This line, which he delivered at the end of the commercial, will be remembered for generations to come, not only because of his brilliant delivery but also because of the profound message it carried:
“How do they make money? The old-fashioned way…they earn it.”
This line …


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A while back, while reading David Meerman Scott’s blog post about all of the bad PR pitches he receives, one of his points struck me as very important, and one all of us who communicate, or teach others to communicate, need to remember.
I know this appears to be about PR professionals only, but stick with me as it applies to …


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Someone from a well-known service provider left a voicemail message for me yesterday afternoon, telling me I had signed up for their webinar, and was not able to make it, so he was…
“…calling to follow up to see what your interest was as far as social media……”
To encourage discussion, I posted a comment about this on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, suggesting …