Lawyers: No Time To Create A Marketing Plan?

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It’s the end of November. For some of us, this means a change in seasons when the leaves turn color and fall off, and the air turns brisk. Things begin to change. We wear additional layers of clothing to accommodate the ever-changing temps, and we hope that the cold and ice stay away for as long as possible…all Winter if you ask …

Lawyers, Are You Drowning In A Mosh Pit of Content?

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How many emails, conversations, texts, phone calls, newspapers, blog posts, podcasts, YouTube and Facebook videos, trade journals, Snaps, and other pieces of information do you receive on a daily basis?
I don’t know about you, but I can’t even count the number. I imagine it is in the thousands by the time I add up all of the messages I am …

Lawyers, Are Your Competitors Spying On You?

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I was just listening to Pat Flynn record an episode of his podcast, Let’s Ask Pat. He was recording it on Periscope, a livestreaming app, allowing his viewers to watch live while he conducts business. He was answering a question from someone who was curious what to do when her competition follows her content. Pat inspired me to answer that …

Lawyers, Are You Paying Attention To Video?

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Just when you thought it was going to fade into the sunset (okay, who really thought that?), video as a communication tool is continuing to come on strong as a viable, valuable marketing tool for lawyers, legal marketers and law firms.
Recently, news out of AdAge tells us that:
“The ever-gestating business of online video just took a very big step into …


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We spend a lot of time talking about how close you need to stay to your clients. Our message is pretty consistent….
“You can’t let too much grass grow beneath your feet when it comes to talking to your clients.”

Letting them know how much you appreciate their business
Discussing what their goals are this year
Discussing the status of a project
Finding out what …


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Stick with me.  This makes sense.  I promise!
First, let’s look at what happens when we decide to get fit.
If we are serious:

We decide fad diets, and yo-yo, up-and-down behavior aren’t getting us anywhere.  In fact, they might be making us unfit.
We might decide there’s something that just ISN’T happening, but we know it needs to.
We might decide there’s something …


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A suggestion many give when asked how to use Social Media is:
“Just be yourself, and it will all work out.”
The thought behind that answer is that this should be easy enough to help you get started without over-thinking the process. After all, we all know how to be ourselves, right?  We’ve been doing it for years.  It’s second nature to …


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I can still remember the wonderful gift of a gas grill our dear friends gave us when we got married 23 years ago.  That grill came in a box, with about 150,000 parts and a set of directions.
I call it Divorce Court In A Box….just kidding….kind of.
The next grill we bought, which was a few years ago, was all in …

Twitter & Social Media For Firms: Do What’s Right For You But Don’t Ignore It

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In order to stay in touch with what is on the minds of  those I serve regarding Social Media, I recently asked a question about Twitter:
“If you are not using Twitter, can you share your thoughts with me…is it discomfort, time, unfamiliarity,you don’t like to network, you think it’s silly, aren’t sure how it fits in to your current marketing …