Crisis Communication & Social Media: Even When It’s Not Your Crisis, It Could Be

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Times of tragedy seem to bring about the best, the worst and the oddest behavior.
The past few years have brought us some of the most powerful communication tools of our times. We thought we had mass communication down pat until social media came on the scene. We were humming along, very carefully plotting out messages that we would then place …

Kenneth Cole & Every CEO: This Is Your Social Media Wakeup Call

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Your phone rings, and a voice loudly tells you:
“Hello, this is your social media wakeup call.  Get up, and don’t ever sleep through that alarm again. Do you hear me?!”
An almost unbelievable situation unfolded on the Internet today.
I began seeing Tweets, Facebook updates, comments, blog posts and private messages alerting the entire world to the fact that Kenneth Cole, a major …