Social Media Etiquette: Did You Really Need To Say That?

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Because of a blog post that Samantha Collier wrote yesterday, I became aware of an unfortunate situation that took place on LinkedIn.
The goal of my post today is to leave you with lessons learned, which you will find below, but it might help for you to have a little background first.
It involves an exchange between …

How Is Your Social Echo?

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Because I know you’ve been sitting around, waiting for yet another industry term to become familiar with, I thought I’d introduce you to one you might not have heard yet.
Social Echo
PR Newswire coined the term “Social Echo” to describe
“the powerful reverberation around brands that occurs through [the millions of] conversations in the social networks and communities where people gather today.”
In …

Wait For It…Wait For It…Okay, Now!

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I Have A Question For You
Do you ever get interrupted?
I’ll wait while you answer….
Wow, that was a resounding response from all of you!
I know, me too.
Another Question For You
Do you ever interrupt?
You don’t have to answer that. I’ll fall on the sword for all of us on this one. Yes, even though I try hard not to, I have …