12 Twitter Tips For Lawyers

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Twelve Twitter Tips for Lawyers…say THAT 10 times real fast! Go ahead. I’ll wait.
Had I told you five years ago that I had a tool that would allow you to:

Listen to your clients
Observe your competition
Stay in touch with your referral sources, and
Nurture relationships with media

What would you have thought?
If I also told you that this same tool would also allow …

Lawyers: You’re Not The Only Thing On Your Clients’ Plates

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Do you regularly reach out to the people you want to do business with?
Why not?

Are you worried they won’t accept your advances?
Are you afraid of looking or acting silly?
Do you not want to be a bother because you know how busy they are?
Are you not sure what to say to them?

Just remember that when it comes to making an impression …