#LetsAskNancy 004 – Lawyers, How Can You Be More Sticky?

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#LetsAskNancy is where I answer questions others have about legal and lawyer marketing and business development, including content, social and digital marketing. 
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Sticky…hmm, what is that? We’ll get to that in a minute, but let’s talk about the real question behind this, and …

What Is Inbound Marketing, & Why Is It Important For Lawyers & Law Firms?

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You can’t read too much about marketing these days without tripping on the common phrase Inbound Marketing.
It is an industry buzzword that serves to differentiate current, digitally-based marketing practices from traditional ones.
This means we are trying to attract interested people to us by creating and distributing content in the marketplace so that it is ready and waiting …

Lawyers: Content, The Digital Breadcrumbs You Need To Spread

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In the legal profession, we tend to discuss Business Development a lot. It’s important.
It is, in its simplest terms, the process of developing new business, including the many steps that must be taken to attract the interest of potential clients, nurturing the interest they might have in us, developing a relationship with them along the way, finding ways to help …

Summarized: The 2013 In-House Counsel New Media Engagement Survey

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Those of us who care about all forms of marketing, networking and communication for lawyers anticipate surveys that study the use of Social Media, as well as all marketing tools, when it comes to lawyers’ clients.
They can help us wade through the possibilities that lie in front of us in terms of marketing strategy.
Today, the 2013 In-House Counsel new Media …


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This is the Myrland Marketing Moment I shared yesterday:

Myrland Marketing Moment:You know these are just tools we’re using, right? Have you decided what you’re building?

I was inspired to write this because in the span of 3 hours yesterday morning, in the midst of a few projects I was working on, I continued to read posts and watch video of people …

How To Draw Them In To Your Facebook Business Fan Page

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I’m a member of MarketingProfs.com, and receive questions other members post on a regular basis. Tonight, “Tyler” asked how he could attract and engage Fans to his Facebook Fan page. My advice to him is my advice to you…..
“Tyler, keep at it. This, like other forms of marketing, takes a while. Use your Discussions Tab, then ask thought-provoking …