Services I provide are many, but my expertise lies mainly in the following areas:

  • Social Media and Social Networking: Consulting, Speaking and Training
  • Keynotes and  Presentations at Firm, Company and Partner Retreats and Meetings
  • Social Media Policy Development
  • Attorney and Staff Training on Social Media Policy and Use
  • Executive and Partner Training and Coaching in Social Media
  • Strategic Marketing and Social Media Planning for Firms, Teams, Groups or Individuals
  • Client Service Training:  Consulting, Speaking & Training
  • Client Satisfaction Interviews:  Often the best place to start any strategic endeavor

I have spent many years in sales, management and marketing, both in the Corporate World and in Legal and Professional Services.

My professional services background began in-house as the Director of Marketing at Baker & Daniels, then as the President of Myrland Marketing, where I have been called upon to help with marketing strategy and, in some cases, execution depending on the needs of the law firms and other firms that have enlisted my help.

At all times, consider me your Firm’s Strategic Marketing Partner.  With this relationship comes my constant interest in your success, and my ability to see the big picture of your Firm’s goals.

If you do not see your firm’s needs listed above, please ask me about them.  I would love to work with you if I feel I am the best fit.  If I am not, I will bring in one of my partners to help you.

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