What Is Inbound Marketing For Lawyers?

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I was reading an article on Inbound Marketing Myths by Michael Reynolds on Hubspot this morning that made me realize that some terms marketers use these days might be a little confusing. One of these terms is Inbound Marketing. We’re going to spend a few minutes on it today because I think it is important.
Michael simply defines Inbound Marketing like this:
“Inbound marketing …

Lawyers, People Don’t Want A Drill. They Want A Hole.

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I’m over on Inbound.org, watching a digital conversation called Ask Me Anything! with guest Amber Naslund. She is a Marketing, Community and Social Exec, and author of The NOW Revolution.
Something she just said applies to every industry or profession, and bears a bit of discussion here on the Myrland Marketing Minutes blog.
If you are trying to figure out how to position your …

Lawyers: Stop Hiding. You Have To Market Your Marketing.

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While The Rest of the World Was Advertising
I have worked with lawyers since 1997. Many of you are pretty conservative when it comes to marketing.
Part of this originates with the fact that lawyer advertising, as you know, wasn’t technically allowed before 1977.
When the rest of the world was cutting its advertising teeth decades prior to that, Wikipedia tells us that:
“The …

C’mon! It’s Time To Put On Your Big Kid Pants Already!

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I know. I really do. 
You’re just too busy to do this marketing stuff. That’s why you have “people.” They do it for you, right? I understand.
Oh, you don’t have people and you don’t have time? Great, now it’s really not going to get done.
We Have A Problem
No, wait, you have a problem.
When did you grow up to the point that …

Lawyers: Content Marketing Is Your Digital Handshake

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Remember the old days when advertising used to be the only way you could be certain your message was being communicated properly? I helped buy tens of thousands of dollars of TV, radio and billboards every year, and sometimes every month, when I was with Time Warner because it made the phones ring.
You could write press releases, but you …

Lawyers: The World Has Changed, So Have Your Buyers

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Professor David B. Wilkins, Professor of Law at the Harvard Law School, gave the opening keynote at the recent Legal Marketing Association, or LMA, International Conference, reminding us there are structural changes going on in law firms and the world that should be causing all of us to sit up and pay attention.
He is part of a group that …


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A version of this post was originally published in the Legal Marketing Association’s (LMA) Midwest Chapter publication, In The Loop.
We’re nearing the end of Q1, and about this time we are all beginning to think one of three things:

We wrote our marketing and business development plans, but we’ve been too busy to concentrate on them. {{sigh}}
Yet another year has slipped by without …


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A Little History
We are all aware of the term “fiscal cliff” these days because of the tax and spend cuts and increases that have loomed large over Washington, DC, and the rest of the United States the past several months.
I won’t bore you by rehashing all of the details because you can find 717 million results if you Google the …

Crisis Communication & Social Media: Even When It’s Not Your Crisis, It Could Be

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Times of tragedy seem to bring about the best, the worst and the oddest behavior.
The past few years have brought us some of the most powerful communication tools of our times. We thought we had mass communication down pat until social media came on the scene. We were humming along, very carefully plotting out messages that we would then place …


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It’s Not Easy Out There, Is It?
There are many demands on your time.

There are days when you are expected to do the work of 5 people.
You have an inbox that is intimidating at best.
You have research that was due yesterday.
You have a new client whose hand you want and need to hold.
You have a laptop that keeps crashing.
You have …